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After recieving a warm invitation from Tagmatium, we of Ylania have decided to place ourselves in the region of Europa.


Ylania is a nation that gives a lot of attention to the welfare of its citizens. It is still in its early stages, and our economy could use some improvement. We are confident, however, that we can make this country eventually grow and prosper with time.


We are looking forward to good relations with our new neighboring countries.


-Vedis, Representative of the country of Ylania

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On behalf of First Chair ATM and the people of The Most Serene Republic of Low Down, we welcome and recognized the sovereign Free Land of Ylania and its citizens.


We are willing to establish trade and diplomatic relations with our new neighbors.


When convenient, please contact me at the Low Down Foreign Relations Office in our capitol, Pastorius City.


Kind regards,


First Foreign Liaison

Foreign Relations Office

The Most Serene Republic of Low Down

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