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The Republic of Pestilens

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Tnx Europa =)


Oh now i'm here anyway, would anyone be so kind to answer a question of mine (yea, i know i'm noob tongue.gif)


But i've got some tellegram from some 10 000 islands region and he was talking about protection me from invasions from other nations.


Is that possible in the normal game, or is it some rp - thingie?

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wel, i'm fairly new to this whole thing as well, but i picked it up fairly fast, this telegram is just trying to advertise another reigon, the 'protection' thing could either be in the RP sense, but the only real, physical invasion that people can do is reigion crashing, where many people crash a reigon at the same time to try and take over the UN delegate spot, this wont effect induvidual nations unless they win and do somthing like kick you out of the reigion.


my advise would be to stay here (but then, it would wouldnt it) europa has its own smallish army to help defend our allies(although few at the moment) but are under little threat from outside. this 10 000 islands reigion is probobly a reigion who helps smaller reigions to defend themselves if they get attackd, which is nice

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10000 Islands is an old defender region, as Phil said. They don't rp invasions, they defend against region crashing.


We have an army, and if you're interested in joining, register in the Defense Ministry part of this forum. I'll let you know all you need to know then. biggrin.gif


Welcome to the region. Hope you'll be around for a while. smile.gif



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