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Like that but maybe glossier and shinier. smile.gif


I need the following badges:


Super Administrator (2E0854)


Administrator (000080)


Diplomat (EEB422)


Founder (Dark Silver)


UN Delegate (00009C)


Sec. of State (7A378B)


Chief Justice (FF00CC)


Speaker of Nations (20B2AA)


Honoured Advisor (567E3A)


Senator (FFA500)


MoFR (63B8FF)


MoiA (872657)


Ambassador (red)


Member (blue)


Some of the colors are in hex code, hope thats ok.

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I'm afraid I'm not very good at that, I'm more of an "MS Paint"-adept... Our current member badges were made by Orioni a long time ago. Maybe we could use some new ones too..  cool.gif

I think paint is decent enough, altough you can only make simple, plain ones, ofcourse.


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