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Prime Minster Ariel Sharon

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Bleeding in Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's brain has been stopped and scans show improvement Friday after a third round of surgery to treat a major stroke, a hospital official said.


The 77-year-old leader remained in critical condition, according to Dr. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, director general of Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital.


The third surgery lasted more than four hours. "The intracranial pressure was reduced," Mor-Yosef said. "Some of the clots were drained from the previous operation. At the conclusion of the operation there was no active hemorrhaging and the intracranial hemorrhaging has been eliminated and the pressure has gone back to normal."


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Nah, i reckong he will die within a week or so, the amount of stuff tht has happened, he deserves a rest i think, altho yes, i dont like Isreal as a country or what is going on there.


the whole thing is like a media circus tho, almost as bad as when the Pope went, the camera crews and reportes are circling like hawks, waiting for that all importent 'first news' of him dying, horrible...

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