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Ide Jima Expands

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ooc: That's about a week...


A cellar, beneath the Ide Jiman MOD building...


The Ide Jiman branch chiefs sat around a large table. At one end was the president, and to either side were the army high command, marine admirals, air marshals, and a stormtrooper general.


"My troops are in place" Announced Field Marshal Jiangwei, "Thirty thousand troops in Weihan, 74,000 in Darhan..."


"That seems like a lot of troops"... The president sounded concerned...



"Great Kings is a large country, and since the collapse of the government rioting has taken hold - high manpower is needed to subdue the country peacefully and put a stop to rioting with minimal violence... Do I have your authorisation?"


"Very well, all units are given authorisation to enter Great Kings' territory"...




From the towns of Weihan and Darhan 104,000 troops of Ide Jima's army group north began advancing in armoured columns. As the tanks and halftracks rolled across the border, 3 Luftwaffe air flotillas attached to AG:N began to fly two FSJ divisions over to Regno for a large scale landing operation. Great Kings was to become part of the federal republic.



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To: Ide Jima

From: SPA

CC: Varanambaion


Honoured friends and allies,


The SPA recognises your right to annex the former country of Great Kings if the people of these lands so will it. The Baronic Council is willing offer Ide Jima assistance in bringing stability, peace and prosperity to this region. The Council has, however, also asked me to advise your government that it will not tolerate the use of unnecessary violence or oppression. Moreover, The Baronic Council has requested that it be given the opportunity to purchase land in the former city Great Kings City of Regno for the construction of a naval facility. The Baronic Council is looking to move the RAN Southern Fleet from its current home port on Vulcan Island to a port closer to Akiiryu and it would seem that Regno would fit this aim admirably. It also requests that the Ide Jiman government guarantee the continuation of Akiiryu's traditional freedom of the Great Kings canal systems.



1st Minister,

Akiiryan Baronic Council

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To: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

From: The Federal Republic of Ide Jima


You have been allocated ample harbour facilities in Regno, once Ide Jiman troops have secured the city, your fleet will be allowed to move in. It comes as standard, that all waterways are fully open to alliance shipping. We can assure you that - despite the large military presence violence will be kept to a minimum. All rioting will be dispersed with non lethal methods, and Ide Jiman air force units are not taking an offensive role.


Field Marshal Erich Von Turnow - Army High Commander.






--Open Statement to the world--


Ide Jiman troops today crossed the border into the ex-nation of Great Kings. Our paratroopers have already secured the western border. Large scale rioting in Regno is to be dispersed in the very near future.


The Ide Jiman government has released the following over the territory in question:


1) It is to become a federal commisariat - effectively a state with a greater degree of self government than other Ide Jiman republics.

2) No new cities will be colonised. Regno will remain - MOD sites will be set up in the country.

3) The government is investing $64 billion left over from land sales to Xheng as well as a further $75 billion in the development of this land as Ide Jima's agricultural mainstay.

4) Ide Jiman troops are also prepared to secure all land in ex argenland north of the west Regno river. This area, known as the Quilmes triangle is linked culturally and ethnically to Great Kings, and Ide Jima has held territorial interest for a very long period of time.



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