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IJ Air Systems

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Ide Jiman Air Systems




This storefront is designed to provide air units to all nations of Europa. We have aircraft to fulfill almost every requirement, from massive long range bombers, to basic training aircraft. Whilst many planes are indigenous projects through and through, others will be upgraded versions of RL air systems. The prefix of IJ on an aircraft type denotes that it has been fitted with Ide Jiman avionics, weapon systems and engines but unless otherwise stated, the airframe is essentially the same.


The aircraft in the storefront will come under the following categories:

  1. Bombers/ Ground Attack
  2. Fighters
  3. Close Support/ Reconnaissance
  4. Naval Air Systems
  5. Combat Support (Tankers, AEW, ELINT etc?)
  6. Trainers
  7. Helicopters
  8. Air Defense Systems
  9. Air Defense Systems (Sea)
Here is a list of the top 10 Ide Jiman arms contractors. In the case of an upgrade being required, you can contact these companies individually to make arrangements or if you wish to open a contract for bidding to the company concerned:
  1. Serekan Automotive Corporation - Ide Jima's largest company - makes aircraft, cars, upgrades guns - all engineering tasks.
  2. Khamseen Defence Company - Mainly shipbuilders, do work on aircraft too
  3. IJ Industries - Conduct mainly upgrades on existing designs i.e the IJ-32 shipwrecker
  4. Xian Turbofan Works - Engine builders for KDC and BCI, make some planes
  5. Batavian Chartered Industries - Construct planes for the IJN
  6. Federal Industries - Ailing defence corporation, makes only support planes
  7. Drakkensburg Armouries - Gunsmiths turned transnational aerospace company
  8. Shruiken Defence/ Automotive - Small company, known for reliability makes few planes.
  9. Serekan Automotive North - A division of SAC, set up to create electronics for the IJAF, as well as construct space systems for the IJAC.
  10. Serekan Industrial Conglomerate - Ex-Communist establishment, refurbish the IJAF's aging MiG squadrons, but are threatening to create new build bombers.
  • IJA = Army

IJN = Navy

IJAF = Air force (Luftwaffe)

IJMC = Marine Corps

IJNIC = Naval Infantry

IJSC = Stormtrooper Corps

IJAFRES = Air Force Reserve

IJNRES = Naval/ Marine Reserve

IJARES = Army Reserve

IJNG = National Guard

IJCG = Coast Guard

IJAC =Aerospace Command (Space agency)

TZDS = (Tod zu den Spionen) Counterintelligence force




Note: The units listed here follow company designation. Those in military service follow military designation. For example, the BCI-31 'Switchfoot' serves in the military as the MiG (or F) -31

Edited by Ide Jima (see edit history)
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IJ Industries B-730


Function: Supersonic Nuclear Attack Bomber

Description: Based on the old Avro 730 design, this aircraft is part of the IJ military's new nuclear attack programme. This plane works just as well in the conventional role as well as the nuclear. Up to date avionics, and powerful engines combined with stealth technology make this bomber capable of devastating attacks.

Crew: 2

Length: 43 metres

Height: 14 metres

Wingspan: 24 metres

Powerplant: 8 SIC B series minijets

Payload: 34,000 kg

Speed: Mach 3.4

Range: 670 nm

Unit Cost: $500 million


user posted image




SAC-B-160 'Blackjack 2'


Function: Heavy Strategic Bomber

Description: This plane has several notable improvements on it's foreign or RL counterparts. Most notably is the speed - which has increased by Mach 0.25 on it's RL version. Ide Jiman engines are more powerful, giving greater payload - whist fuel efficiency improvements allow for double the previous combat radius. Electric systems have been downsized, and been improved by means of digital microtechnology. All IJAF units have satellite uplink, FLIR, 6 on board computers/ weapons guidance systems and a modern HUD. SAC also installed two underwing hardpoints to provide basic AA defense - it is unlikely they will be needed, given the speed and accuracy of the bomber. The plane has also been coated in a paint which reduces radar signature - whilst it does not completely get rid of it, it makes a gigantic bomber appear the size of a small fighter to a radar operator. The final improvement is radar with a range of 400 miles - placed in the room given up by the downsized avionics - this plane, whilst expensive, provides the Luftwaffe with a powerful strike platform.

Crew: 4 (2 Pilots, 2 WSOs)

Length: 54.1 Metres

Height: 13.1 m

Wingspan: 55.7m (swept 35.6m)

Engine: 4 Underwing SAC B Series Turbojets.

Payload: 50,000 KG

Speed: Mach 2.3

Range: 2,040 nm

Armament: Conventional Bombs. Optional rotary cruise missile platform installation in internal bay, otherwise all SAC/BCI Viper series missiles are compatible with this bomber. SAC install two underwing hardpoints, which carry BCI G Series ALARM missiles as a measure of air defense.

Unit Cost: $450 million




user posted image




SAC-B-22M3 'Bluefire'



Function: Intermediate Range Heavy Bomber/ AEW Airborne Command Relay

Description: What started life as the ancient TU-22 'blinder' has now transformed into a futuristic strike machine. This plane has seen off new build competitors, proving the worth of this old design. This plane has had more drastic airframe change than the TU-22M but the original design remains underneath. The most notable upgrade comes as a result of re - engining by SAC: North. The Engines power the airframe to a speed of Mach 2.7 - very fast, to the point it has overtaken the mighty blackjack in speed. The 'Bluefire' also makes use of Canard foreplanes, to give greater handling. The Luftwaffe leaves the task of complete obliteration to the Blackjack though, the Bluefire sacrifices a large area of it's internal bomb bay to make way for one of the most elaborate sensory/communications arrays in the system - leading this plane to double up as an AEW/Communication Relay plane as well as a precision strike aircraft. It retains a low IR signature, along with high maneuvrability - given by the VG wings.

Crew: 4 (2 Pilots, 2 WSOs)

Length: 42.5 Metres

Height: 11.0m

Wingspan: 34.3 m/ 23.3m

Engine: Two Lateral SIC B Series Turbojets

Payload: 20,000 Kg

Speed: Mach 2.7

Range: 1600 Nm

Armament: SAC 'Adam' series cruise missiles, conventional/ nuclear bombs, Bluefire K-16 Standoff neutron missile.

Price: $410 million



user posted image



SAC-B-1K3 'Benkei'



Function: High Altitude Heavy Bomber

Description: This aircraft is based on a design similar to the B-1B 'Lancer'. All avionics are Ide Jiman, and are of the latest standard - including the wireless satellite uplink, enabling communication whilst maintaining radio silence. This plane is the Ide Jiman MOD's golden bullet - it conducts nuclear/ conventional strikes well above the range of many SAM types and interceptors. The standard variant is the B-1K3, however a cutting edge version - known as the B-1K4OT is under development - capable of switching from orbit to flying. This is only in a development stage - and the real thing is highly unlikely to use this airframe.

Crew: 4 (2 Pilots, 2 WSOs)

Length: 44.8 Metres

Height: 10.4 Metres

Wingspan: 41.7/23.8m

Engine: 4 SIC B Series Turbojets in fuselage pods.

Payload: Internal: 34,019 KG, External: 26,762

Speed: Mach 2.43

Range: 6,475 nm

Armament: Freefall bombs, Laser Guided Bombs, SAC-Viper/Adam series cruise missiles, KDC 'Sekhmet' series AAms, Nuclear bombs.

Price: $810 million



user posted image



IJ Industries IJ-39 'Falcon'


Function: Ground Attack Fighter

Description: This aircraft recently replaced the SU-24 in army service, and has so far proved good at the job it has been designated. It uses up to date technology to deliver low level precision strikes or to blast away massive swathes of woodland: your choice!

Crew: 2 (1 Pilot, 1 WSO)

Length: 13 metres

Height: 4 metres

Wingspan: 9 metres

Engine: 2 KDC F Series turbojets in lateral positions.

Payload: 7,000 KG

Speed: Mach 1.94

Range: 810 nm

Armament: Four concealed SAC-12 rotary cannons in nose mountings, 4 SAC ALARM AAMs, 12 ASMs.

Price: ?120 million



user posted image


IJ Industries F-111IJ


This old bomber design has recently been upgraded to F-111IJ standard, using state of the art avionics, and an increased payload and range of weaponry which can be mounted on 4 underwing hardpoints. The range of this machine is also considerable, it gives the Ide Jiman army a mach 2 strike capability, and is used for IJAF secondary nuclear deterrent missions. This aircraft works along side the IJN RA-5D Vigilante to provide fast and effective attack to anywhere within a thousan miles of Ide Jima at very short notice.


Crew: 2 (1 Pilot, 1 WSO)

Length: 22.4 metres

Height: 5.2 metres

Wingspan: 21.3 metres

Engine: 2 KDC FB Series turbofans in lateral positions.

Payload: 16,500 KG

Speed: Mach 2.2

Range: 2,750 nm

Armament: One concealed SAC-61 rotary cannon in nose mounting, Freefall bombs, most rocket types Dumbfire and guided, SAC AGM-60 'Westwind', SAC AAM-90, Paveway II LGB, EW/ECM pods and KDC 90, AAGM 06 Buckeye.

Price: ?140 million


user posted image


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SECTION 2: Fighters


SAC JFFP(Joint future fighter program)

SAC F30 Fireshade Air Defence Fighter


Function: Air Defence Fighter.

Description: Following the re-organisation of the Luftwaffe, all existing SU-37E, MiG-31, MiG-35 and IJ-45 air defence units were transferred air flotillas (Companions to the ground forces). This requirement stems from the Luftwaffe's need to operate a defence section independent of the air flotillas - and the initiation of this program will lead to the largest expansion seen by the IJL since the fall of communism. One of two fighters, the fireshade will provide the IJL with a low observable STOL defence fighter. Special weapons systems have been developed to equip this fighter, as well as completely new avionics. Production of the export version is to begin in February.

Crew: 1

Length: 19.5m

Height: 5.0m

Wingspan: 12m

Engine:2 X-14 downtuned turbojets

Payload: 8,200 Kg

Speed: Mach 2.9

Range: 1200nm

Armament: SAC- 'Pantheon' series missiles, 1 SAC-GK22E 19mm cannon.

Price: $231 million


SAC F42 Fireshine Attack Fighter


Function: Attack

Description: Developed to operate alongside the Fireshade, the Fireshine provides the Luftwaffe with a strong attack capability. The aircraft is armed with up to date weaponry as well as some of the most advanced avionics around. Using a series of weapons similar to those used by it's 'partner' in conjunction with bombs and napalm, the fighter lets out deadly SEAD when used in conjunction with the F/A-22A.

Crew: 1

Length: 19.5m

Height: 5.0m

Wingspan: 12m

Engine: 2 X-15 Downtuned turbojets

Payload: 8,000 Kg

Speed: Mach 3.1

Range: 1700 nm

Armament: SAC- 'Pantheon' missiles, KDC-'Satan' napalm pods, Underwing bombs. (Optional 23mm cannon attached in undernose mounting).

Price: $224 million




user posted image



BCI-31 'Switchfoot' High Level interceptor


Function: Advanced Rapid Reaction Interceptor

Description: One of many MiG-31 variants in the Ide Jiman military, this aircraft provides Mach-3.4 high level defence from any enemy threat. Whether it is used for intercepting missiles, bombers or fighters this aircraft can perform it's job. The SAC-MS3 AAM was developed for this aircraft - and it has proved to have an 96% kill rate in testing.

Crew: 2 (Pilot, WSO)

Length: 22.3m

Height: 13.5m

Wingspan: 6.1m

Engine: 2 SDC10 Turbocharged Engines with reheat

Payload: 2,900 Kg

Speed: Mach 3.4

Range: 700nm

Armament: Various Anti Radiation Missiles, SAC-MS3 Scramjet F+F missiles, 1 SAC1016 heavy 23mm cannon.

Price: $140 million


user posted image











IJ Industries K-14 'Fantan 2' Attack fighter


Function: Light Attack Fighter

Description: Replacing the NAMC A-5 in IJAF service, this fighter is similar in performance to the BAE systems Hawk 200 series. 340 are on order from the MOD.

Crew: 2

Length: 16.2m

Height: 4.5m

Engine: Two XTFW FA Series Turbojets

Payload: -

Speed: Mach 1.12

Range: 400 nm

Armament: 10 Hardpoints

Price: $17 million



user posted image

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SECTION 3: Close Support/ Recconnaisance


SAC-39E 'reflex'


Function: Recconnaisance Fighter

Description: Based on the Saab JAS39 Gripen, this aircraft provides the Ide Jiman army and Luftwaffe with a powerful recon platform. Using up to date radar and sensory arrays, this aircraft can gage enemy air resistance with ease. SAC MS3 and ALARM missiles give the aircraft a sting, in case it should run into trouble. A second offensive support variant is under development.

Crew: One

Length: 14.1m

Height: 8.5m

Wingspan: 4.5m

Engine: One SAC F Series turbofan with afterburners

Payload: 4,200 kg

Speed: Mach 2.3

Range: 546 nm

Armament: SAC MS3 and ALARM missiles, 4 Underwing hardpoints for extra fuel, sensory arrays or ASMs.

Price: $100 million


user posted image



BCI Destrier 9000E CASU


Function: Close Air Support Fighter

Description: Developed from BCI's unsuccessful stealth bomber program, this unit achieved very small export sales as a bomber. Now it has been re-designed to the role of close air support - as previously mentioned this plane is a stealth unit and it has got large internal weapon bays (A further command variant is planned where the bays house a command module). These bays house missile racks, which lower beneath the aircraft in flight and launch as many as 30 missiles simultaneously - at as many targets over a 70 mile radius. 7 such racks are carried, giving the aircraft substantial long range power. Four underwing hardpoints carry SRAAM missiles for more 'on the spot' types of defense, a gun is also installed for engagements with enemy fighters. On the downside, speed is sacrificed for extremely advanced avionics - which have been downgraded on export versions.

Crew: 2

Length: 25m

Height: 7m

Wingspan: 19m

Engine: 1 BCI K-600 Surpressed Stealth Turbojet

Payload: 23,000 Kg

Speed: Mach 0.9

Range: 567nm

Armament: SAC LRAAM, SRAAM Viper Series versions, 1 SAC-5600GM Rotary 23mm cannon.

Price: $190 million


user posted image

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SECTION 4: Naval Air Systems


The IJ Industries MOS (Maritime Offensive Series)


IJ Industries IJ-45


Function: Multi Role Maritime Aircraft

Description: Adaptable for AEW, Anti Shipping, Attack, Defense, Ground Attack etc... this fighter is one of the most versatile aircraft in Ide Jiman military service. It comes with a large range and very heavy weaponry. Whilst it may not be the fastest of fighters, it can operate from very short runways.

Crew:2 Pilot, WSO

Length: 22.33m

Height: 6.58m


Engine: 1 XTFW MF Series Lateral Intake Turbojet.

Payload: 7600 kg

Speed: Mach 2.1

Range: 1,025 nm

Armament: Variable weapons systems

Price: $95 million



user posted image



IJ Industries IJH-7 Mk II


Function: Carrier Based Bomber

Description: Similar in appearance to the IJ-45, this aircraft is slightly larger and slower. It includes up to date avionics and has an impressive payload. Several squadrons of the IJAF also use this system - which was originally intended solely for navy use.

Crew: 3 Pilot + 2 WSOs

Length: 26m

Height: 13m

Wingspan: 14m

Engine: 2 XTFW MFB Series turbojets with afterburner

Payload: 12,000 kg

Speed: Mach 1.9

Range: 1300 nm

Armament: $119 million


user posted image





IJ Industries IJ-455


Function: Maritime Strike Aircraft

Description: A new project in the Ide Jiman navy air wing to produce an aircraft to replace the ageing SU-24 'Fencer'. This provides lighter and quicker shore based strike capability than the SAC:22 Virago.


Crew:2 Pilot, WSO

Length: 23m

Height: 6m


Engine: 2 XTFW MS Series Underfuselage Intake Turbojet.

Payload: 12000 kg

Speed: Mach 2.7

Range: 900 nm

Armament: SAC Viper Series, KDC Sekhmet Series, XTFW Valhalla Series weapons.

Price: $120 million




user posted image





Note: The following naval air systems have been taken off the foreign market, but orders from IJ allied nations are still acceptable -


-SAC 2.2 'Virago'

-IJ-32 'Shipwrecker'

-BCI Buccaneer II

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SECTION 5: Combat Support Systems




Function: Large Presidential Transport/ Command Plane

Description: Ide Jima's own 'Airforce One', this plane is based on the AN-124. The Ide Jiman president's version includes an escape module, bathroom, a motor pool, and full luxury accommadation, the entire Ide Jiman ICBM arsenal can be launched from the aircraft, which will also serve as a communication centre in emergencies. It has a large range and carries the Ide Jiman president

Crew: 20 + 200

Length: 70m

Height: 21m


Engine: 4 SDC Turbofans

Speed: 500 Kt

Range: 2,430 nm

Armament: -

Price: $230 million


user posted image




Function: AEW

Description: An upgrade of the popular Beriev A-50, this aircraft carries out AEW duties for the Ide Jiman Luftwaffe and carries the powerful SAC-320 'Omniscience' radar. With a range of over 340 miles, this radar can detect most threats. Several Anti Submarine missiles are also carried on board the K50N variant. The satellite uplink on the aircraft links the radar to the ABM/SAM positions all around Ide Jima, which then lock on to and -if neccessary - neutralise the threat. This aircraft provides users with a cheap but effective method of Early Warning, another advantage is that the huge wingflaps allow for short takeoffs.

Crew: 4 Crew + 12 Systems Operators

Length: 46m

Height: 14.8m


Engine: 4 SAC-220 C Series Turbofans.

Payload: 2 Underwing Hardpoints

Speed: 425kt

Range: 2,900 nm


Price:$74 million


user posted image


BCI-Barbarian HTT


Function: Heavy Troop Transport

Description: Capable of carrying large numbers of troops over very long distances, this aircraft recently entered Luftwaffe service, replacing the aging AN-22 and Shorts Belfast transports. This aircraft is of an entirely new design, and is not based on an Antonov aircraft like almost every other Ide Jiman transport. It can double up as an air to air refuelling aircraft.

Crew: 2 + 340

Length: 76m

Height: 23m

Wingspan: 81m

Engine: 6 SAC C Series underwing turbofans

Payload: 340 Troops (All Ide Jiman Army Ground Systems are airportable bar railway mounted cannons)

Speed: 432 Kt

Range: 3,000 nm

Armament: -

Price: $90 million


user posted image

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SECTION 6: Trainers





Function: Basic Trainer

Description: Designed to serve as a very basic trainer to help new pilots learn the controls, this aircraft was developed very recently and features the ability to be synchronised with many of the main types around today. It provides the user with a very basic flying machine to learn the basics of fighter combat.

Crew: 2 (Student, Instructor)

Length: 11.6m

Height: 4.2m

Wingspan: 9.6m

Engine: 1 XTFW T series turbofan

Payload: -

Speed: 950 km/h

Range: 842nm

Armament: -

Price: $14 million


user posted image




Function: Advanced Jet Trainer

Description: This aircraft is designed around the TB14, it allows the student to move on easily onto advanced jet training. This plane also has an emergency light attack capability, but the Luftwaffe do not use it for such things. Very cheap, this aircraft lacks radar, but provides users with an agile subsonic attack aircraft.

Crew: 2 Student, instructor

Length: 11.5 m

Height: 4,9m

Wingspan: 9.7m

Engine: Two SIC-'T' Series Turbojets

Payload: 3,600kg

Speed: 1,083 km/h

Range: 1,020nm

Armament: SAC 10 Series Light A-S/A-M missiles

Price: $21 million


user posted image

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SECTION 7: Helicopters


Federal Industries Marine Assault Series


Federal Industries FI-47E


Function: Twin rotor heavy airlift helicopter/ special missions helicopter

Description: Similar to the MH-47 Chinook variant, this helicopter gives the marines a heavy VTOL transport. Although range is not very great, it can carry 60 troops as well as light vehicles or supplies.

Crew: 3 + 60

Length: 31m

Height: 5.7m

Engine: 2 SDC AH Series turboshafts

Payload: 60 fully equipped marines.

Speed: 300 km/h

Range: 935 km

Armament: miniguns or standard MGs can be attached for special operations

Price: $13 million


user posted image


Federal Industries FI-53E


Function: Assault/MCM/SAR/Airlift Helicopter

Description: Similar to the CH-53E superstallion, this helicopter features heavy armament as well as the capability to carry 25 fully armed marines. It doubles armament with troop carrying to create a deadly battlefield/ naval helicopter.

Crew: 3 + 25

Length: 30.2m

Height: 9.0m

Engine: 3 SAC HA Series Turboshafts

Payload: -

Speed: 360 km/h

Range: 1,120 nm

Armament: Four Hardpoints on Sponsons

Price: $16 million



user posted image




Federal Industries Battlefield Assault Series


Federal Industries FI-14E


Function: Twin rotor troop transport/ Light Attack Helicopter

Description: This helicopter provides the user with a light attack capability. Operating both anti armour, dumbfire missiles and guns along with the option of carrying 15 troops, this helicopter proves useful on the battlefield. The most ingenious innovation is a specialist IR suppressor which throws enemy targeting systems into dissarray.

Crew: 2 + 15

Length: 15.2m

Height: 3.7m

Engine: 2 SDC BFH Series turboshafts

Payload: 15 fully equipped heavy infantrymen/ 10 Stretchers.

Speed: 256 km/h

Range: 300 km

Armament: SAC Dumbfire Rockets, Gazelle class Anti Armour, NR-13 Rocket Pods, torpedoes, sensory arrays + door mounted miniguns for special missions.

Price: $12 million


user posted image


Federal Industries FI-15E


Function: Scout/ Attack Helicopter

Description: Two words: Armed Recon. This helicopter is armed with powerful radar, a certain degree of stealth and some of the deadliest missiles around. Based on the Kiowa Warrior, this helicopter provides the army and the navy with a heavy recon capability. High speed combined with range and heavy radar enable it to pick up small targets far behind enemy lines.

Crew: 2

Length: 12.6m

Height: 3.9m

Engine: 2 SAC HA Series Turboshafts

Payload: -

Speed: 221 km/h

Range: 246 km

Armament: Compatible with most helicopter missile types.

Price: $10 million



user posted image



BCI Naval Series




Function: Anti Submarine Helicopter

Description: Based on Frigates, this helicopter is designed to seek and destroy submarines. Combining powerful radar with a large weapons payload, this aircraft proves to be cheap and effective for the user.


Crew: 3

Length: 11.3m

Height: 5.4m

Engine: 2 SDC NH Series turboshafts

Payload: 2000 kilograms

Speed: 234 km/h

Range: 500 km

Armament: Various systems can be fitted

Price: $19 million


user posted image




Function: Transport/ AEW Helicopter

Description: This helicopter is designed to replace the Sea King in Ide Jiman navy service. It is capable of carrying 20 combat armed marines, as well as a small amount of weaponry on the sponsons.


Crew: 2 + 20

Length: 18.9m

Height: 4.8m

Engine: 2 SAC NTH Series Turboshafts

Payload: 700 Kg on sponsons

Speed: 291 km/h

Range: 479 km

Armament: SAC ALA (Advanced Light Attack) Series Weapons

Price: $14 million



user posted image


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Section 8: Air Defense Systems




(Unless Otherwise Stated, a series of missiles consists of a long, an intermediate and a short range variant).


SAC-Viper series


SAC-AA16 'Krait'


Range= 40 nm

Speed= mach 3.6

Homing System= IR

Price= $500,000 for 50, $1,000,000 for 150


SAC-AA17 'Bushmaster'


Range=70 nm

Speed= mach 4.1

Homing System= IR/Radio Signals

Price= $750,000 for 60, $1,000,000 for 80


SAC-AA18 'Krait'


Range=200 nm

Speed=mach 3

Homing Sytem= IR/Radio/Radar

Price= $1,000,000 for 50



KDC 'Sekhmet' series


KDC-AA20 Hathor


Range=140 nm

Speed=mach 4

Homing System= IR/ Radar/Radio Signal

Price= $800,000 for 50


KDC-AA21 Anubis


Range=200 nm

Speed=mach 4.43

Homing System = Radio Signals/ GPRS*

Price= $1,000,000 for 50


*This system has yet to be equipped in the IJL inventory


KDC-AA22 Isis


Range=350 nm

Speed= Mach 3

Homing System = IR/ Radio Signals/ GPRS*

Price= $1,200,000 for 50


*Same applies.






SAC FlaK Series


SAC FlaK-140


Description: The lightest FlaK weapon in the IJ Luftwaffe inventory, this gun uses complex onboard computers to calculate the course of an aircraft and then to synchronise the Flak explosion with the flight pattern of the aircraft as with all FlaK weapons produced by SAC. A simple radar lock for low flying larger aircraft or helicopters also comes as part of the weapon. This is more suited to shooting down helicopters or subsonic aircraft, and unlike other FlaK weapons, is not very successful against ground targets.


Effective Altitude: 40,000 feet.

Price: (Gun + Ammo only) $450,000


SAC FlaK-180


Description: Designed for faster aircraft, this gun is both maneuvrable and effective. It can target up to 15 aircraft at once with computer support. It also proves to be succesful against ground targets. FlaK explosions can do severe damage to infantry formations - given the massive radius and amount of shrapnel, and direct hits (easy with computer support) can take out all but the heaviest of tanks.


Effective Altitude: 80,000 feet.

Price: $900,000



SAC FlaK-260


Description: Smaller in general size than the 180, but greater in calibre, this gun is designed for jungle warfare. It is small and can be broken into parts to be carried by donkeys or even people. It can also be easily concealed, and can shoot down most aircraft. Whilst calibre is larger, range is not - it cannot shoot as high as the 180 but it's large calibre can allow for it to be arranged in a Howitzer configuration.


Effective Altitude: 70,000 feet.

Price: $950,000


SAC FlaK-390


Description: The Ultimate FlaK weapon on the foreign market, this gun has a rapid rate of fire, and an altitude effectiveness reading to match. It is capable of blasting even the fastest aircraft out of they sky, and lead casing around electrical components renders it immune to EMP attacks. Unfortunately, this does impare mobility - but with full logistical support, this gun can still be shifted quickly and easily.


Effective Altitude: 100,000 feet

Price: $1,000,000

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Section 9: Air Defense Systems (Sea/ Heli Mounted)




SDC-G13 Sentinel

Gun - capable of downing subsonic targets, all current military versions are fitted to airport security vans.


Price: 3000


user posted image


SDC-G14 Oddyseus

Gun - capable of downing all targets under Mach 1.5 Six barrells, operated by radar/ computer.


Price: 6000


user posted image

Picture Taken from an IJ Army Chinook doorgunner position


SDC-G16E -----

Gun - capable of attacking anything under Mach 3. Using Lasers/Phototechnology for targeting, the gun is cutting edge. The E Version is an export variant. Mounted on most navy ships.


Price: 17000


user posted image



Lost the contract to the G16E, remains a capable weapon - having lost on grounds of noncompliance with MOD specs. Offers similar performance parameters to the G16E. Higher rate of Ammo usage.


Price: 16900


user posted image

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*Helicopter Update* - and thanks O wink.gif


If the pictures aren't showing just right click and show picture, they keep dissappearing... sad.gif





Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


XTFW Falcon U-1


user posted image



U-1 Price: 260,000 - Artillery Spotting/ Laser Designation/ Target Aquisition

U-1C Price: 320,000 - Can carry a variety of weapons, ans is used for ground attack 'tank killer' duties,


XTFW Kingfisher U-2


user posted image


U-2 Price: 360,000 - Maritime attack UCAV, capable of carrying most air to surface anti shipping missiles.

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To: Ide Jima

From: DOR Director General of Defence Contracting


We would like to purchase the following:


6 x FI-14E Twin rotor troop transport/ Light Attack Helicopters

4 x FI-47E Twin rotor heavy airlift helicopter/ special missions helicopter


The "retail" price on these, it would seem, add up to $124 Million. As a first time customer, we are interested in purchasing this bulk order at a slightly discounted rate. If we are pleased with the hardward, we will be back for more.


We propose $111,600,000


Thank you

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To: Ide Jima

From: DOR Director General of Defence Contracting


We would like to purchase the following:


6 x FI-14E Twin rotor troop transport/ Light Attack Helicopters

4 x FI-47E Twin rotor heavy airlift helicopter/ special missions helicopter


The "retail" price on these, it would seem, add up to $124 Million. As a first time customer, we are interested in purchasing this bulk order at a slightly discounted rate. If we are pleased with the hardward, we will be back for more.


We propose $111,600,000


Thank you

To: DOR Director General of Defence Contracting

From: The Ide Jiman Arms Exporting Agency


We find your order acceptable, and the helicopters will be delivered immediately. To encourage Interest in your use of this storefront, we accept the offer price. We also offer 2 instruction teams as an alternative to a manual - this would be free as standard. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy using your aircraft. They should arrive within three working days.









To: Upper Strathclyde

From: Ide Jiman Arms Exporting Agency


The total price should come to 2.4 billion. As you are a first time buyer - we'll round the total down to 2 billion. These bombers will be with you in one month (1 day RL). Thank you for shopping with IJCI!





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Excellent! This government very much appreciates your flexibility. We very much look forward to the srrival of this hardware. We have reserved excellent accomodations for your personal, they will be treated as honoured guests.


We look forward to further fruitful, peaceful, and friendly relations with your nation. We are sure that our commercial ties will also continue and grow.


Kind Regards from the people of Rekamgil!

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We have been very pleased with the first consignment of helicopters we purchased from Ide Jima, as well as the instruction teams that accompanied them. We would like to make a further purchase. Here is our order:


We would like to purchase:


1. Eight (8) FI-47E Twin rotor heavy airlift helicopter/special missions helicopters.


2. Nine (9) FI-14E Twin rotor troop transport/ Light Attack Helicopters


3. Three (3) FI-15E Scout/Attack Helicopters


Our proposed purchase price: $220 Million.


We look forward to your reply.



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From:Ide Jiman Air Systems


We are pleased to here that you like the first batch of helicopters we sent you, and we find the reduction on your proposed price acceptable. These helicopters are new build, and will be put into production immediately. The full consignment should have arrived within a fortnight (2 days). We hope to see further orders in the future,


The Ide Jiman Air Systems Export Division.

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user posted image


New Fighter-Bomber released!


FB-19E Condor

Export Variant


Low Observable Fighter Bomber



Length: 20.4m

Wingspan: 16m

Height: 4.2m



2 SAC-B3 Series Turbojets with afterburners

2 Mid Swept Delta Wings blended to the back end of the fuselage

No Fins



Speed: Mach 3.1

Radius of Action: 650 nm

Crew: 2 (1 Pilot, 1 WSO)



Gun: 1 M61A2 Cannon in concealed mounting

Hardpoints: 0

Weapon Bays: 4 Main internal weapon bays, 8 more semi recessed mountings in the wings for stealth purposes.

Load: 16,500 KG

Representative Weapons:

-AGM-86C Air Launched Cruise Missile





-AIM-130IJ (Meteor)

-500IB, 1200IB JDAM

-Low Yield Nuclear Bombs.



$47 Million - F-19

$560,000 AGM-86C



-Ide Jiman Airforce F-18s, BK730s and attack F-16 squadrons.

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Important Notice to all nations:


SAC is offering capability upgrades on all Russian made equipment at 75% of the normal price. This would include significant weaponry upgrades as well as improved engines and structural overhaul.



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