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Arsenal Ship Order Forms

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TO: Adaptus, Gomaria

FROM: Orioni

SUBJECT: Vickers Weapon Systems

Greetings fellow Europeans,



We would like to place an order for two vessels of the type "Arsenal Ship", with complete building schematics.


Reimbursements will be sent to a by you designated account. Please inform us of these details.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.





Department of Purchasing

ICC - Imperial Command Centre


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To: Orioni

From: Vickers Weapon Systems.


your in luck my friend, we have just finished 4 of these ships which have just been fully readyed. we have not realsed prices yet, due to the fact we dont have sugnificant surplus numbers, none the less, we shall sell these to you. 2 shall be sent as soon as posible via a VWS tow boats. the price will be 60 Billion per vessel.

the acout is Vicker Weapon Systems Sales 006543. thank you.


Fred John

VWS Sales Rep.




To: Scipii

From: Vickers Weapon Systems


We have 2 vessels fully ready for you, and more are finishing up steady. these vessels shall be sent to you as soon as possible by VWS Toe Boats. the price is 60 Billion per vessels. and the acount is Vickers Weapon Systems Sales Acount 008671. we shall infor you once the next batch are ready. Thank you.


Nathan Howe

VWS Sales Rep.



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