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The Empire of the Ruby Throne

Guest DerJimbo

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Guest DerJimbo



His Most Serene and Gracious Majesty, James II, Emperor of the Ruby Kingdom, King of Belestra, King of Salmus, etc., etc., has commanded me to convey the following message to the Sovereigns and Peoples of Europa:




At the request of Our Loyal Subjects, memorialized and witnessed by a Petition of the Barons and Commons assembled in the Imperial Parlement, We have judged it most right and proper to join the Region of Europa. We offer Our sincerest Salutations and Best Wishes to All other Nations in Europa and elsewhere and Our Best Wishes for Peace and Prosperity in the New Year.





Walther von Aaland, Duke of Palmon

His Imperial Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

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On behalf of HRH Prince Vox and the people of the Principality of Northern Voobaha, I send greetings and welcome.


I'm sure you'll find Europa a warm and friendly lot, with more than a few unique characters mixed in.


Again, Welcome to Europa, and Blessed Be.



In service to HRH Vox,

Martin Kimberely

Minister of External Affairs

Principalty of Northern Voobaha

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