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Byzantine space ambitions

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(OOC: I was not completely sure where this should go but I thought this is a political issue so I posted it here)


***Byzantine Newsweek Special Report***


"Today the officials of the Kosmodrome (Byzantine space agency) announced that the first launch of the new type of space shuttle has been succesful. The shuttle was launched 3.45 am this morning from the brand new Palaiologos Space Center. The payload abroad the shuttle was the first part of the new space station Castor. More launches are in scheldule after the construction of five other shuttles are completed in couple of months."


There has also been some launches of unknown type of rocket from the Space Center. Nobody from Kosmodrome has commented them and press has been silent.

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Phil IV is quick to congratulate Byzantium Nova on their successful launch, and wishes them good luck for the future success of their space station.


Phil IV also wonders whether there are any considerations for astronauts from other nations being allowed to experience and go into space aboard a Byzantian shuttle, as this could be a valuble insight into the nature of space for those nations without any plans for a space program

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The Huntsburg Ambassador to the Byzantine Empire delivers a message to their allies which states:


"Dear Friends,


We congratulate you on your accomplishments and wish you godspeed in your future space endeavors. We offer you any assistance you may require in regards to construction and ongoing operation of the space station."

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If interested, we would be willing to assist Byzantium Nova with this great project. We of Orion also have a space-program, appropriately named "Project Orion". Orionauts have made many extra-terrestrial endeavours. Due to popular demand, merchandising has sprung up, creating a Project Orion-shop. As a symbol of our good intentions, we offer a small token of our hard and honest work: a glimmer of our spacecraft.




user posted image

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The officials of Kosmodrome have been very interested in this "Project Orion" of the Orioni and ask if they are given permission to see some of the data if it is not too classified. They also are more than willing to send some experts to Vanarambaion.


The ambassador of the Byzantines in the Huntsburg delivers a message to the Huntsburgian goverment which states:


"Dear Allies,

We thank you for your offer of assistance. The Personnel in Kosmodrome have calculated the flight trajectories to the Station and have reached such conclusion that the supply of the Station will be much cheaper if the launches were made in the site of your St. Mary Space Center. We would like to hire a hangar from the Space Center and start supplying the Station from there. Our new Space Center will in such case center on the study of the capabilities of the new Shuttle and in other research. Please answer as soon as possible."

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The Huntsburg Ambasador to the Byzantium Empire delivers a message signed by the President stating:


"Dear friends,


Of course the supply launches can be made from St Mary. We have several hangers available for your rental as well as being able to assist with those launches using our own equipment and astronauts. In addition, you are welcome to provide your own security in the area should you feel the need. Please advise us as to how many hangers and living quarters you will need, and whether or not you will be providing security as well.


In Peace,


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The ambassador of the Byzantium in Huntsburg delivers a message with The Royal Eagle seal on it:


"Our magnificent friends in Huntsburg, we are sending a group from Kosmodrome there very soon. Two hangars would be ideal for our purposes and we need living quarters for fifty people. We also accept your proposal of using Huntsburgian personnel and equipment. Although we trust the police and security of Huntsburg we will send our own security team for the supply of the Station is of Prime importance for our space program.


For the continuing cooperation between us,

(signature)Aleksios Antemakhos, the science minister of Byzantium Nova

(signature)Mikael IX Palaiologos, The Emperor of The Byzantine Empire."

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"Dear friends,


We apologize for the delay, however we are now pleased to inform you that the hangers and living quarters you have requested are now available for your use. We look forward to your arrival.



The United Socialist States of Huntsburg"

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The The Space Program Supervisor was exited. The third shuttle was only minutes away from its first takeoff. The two first shuttles had functioned perfectly and he was waiting same kind of functioning from this one.


"3...2...1...0 takeoff" echoed in the Mission Control. The monitors showed the shuttle as it headed to the sky without problem. However only second after the takeoff something seemed to hit the shuttles motors. The motors exploded and the shuttle came down in a gently sloping arch. Then it crashed to the mountain side near the eastern border.


The supervisor watched in disbelief when all this happened. After the crash he snapped out of the trance and hurried everyone in the hall to find out what had happened and why.


The answer came quikly. An AA missile had been shot at the shuttle just after the takeoff. The soldiers that were in the base left some guards and started searching around the area that the missiles were fired. They found abandoned Anti-Ikaros LSW which was standard equipment of the regular Byzantine army. Nothing more. No signs of the crew of the vehicle.


(OOC: This plot will continue in the Knives in the Night thread)

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