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The Adapton Government, will reach it's arm out to this young nation, we would be greatly obliged to trade, socialise and prosper with your nation. to help your nation become a great nation, and to flourish among greats.

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OOC: Just count my nation as Deltannia, don't count it as one or the other right now. Especially since things will change regarding the Civil War


FROM: Deltannia

TO: Gomaria


Deltannia is interested in trade agreements with your nation. Military alliances are not allowed as of present. We would like to keep on friendly terms with your nation, but no written alliances can be allowed. This is standard procedure.


Thank you

Deltannia Foreign Ministry

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A background check has shown that you share many of our ideals. Europtima is interested in arranging a swap of diplomats and a possible trade/military alliance. Europtima is a powerful nation and seeks to support smaller nations seeking the same glory thumbsup.gif


TagEdit: In relation to this thread, I'm going to close this Alliance thread. Gomaria was kick/banned last week

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