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Free exchange of music and movies on the Internet

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Free exchange of music and movies on the Internet: are you for or against?


French deputies have voted in favour of allowing the exchange of music andmovies on the Internet. The amendments, which are part of a bill on intellectual property rights, go against the government's advice. According to Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, "totally free culture on the Internet is deceiving, because remunerating creators is not only legitimate, it is also necessary for the renewal of creativity and cultural diversity. Under the amendment, Internet service providers would pay a fixed royalties fee to the Sacem - a group which handles artists' royalties fees - in exchange for unlimited file-sharing

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My personal view is as follows- People are going to get what they want one way or another. The best example is any political group if they don't get an equal position they will huff and puff and bring up amendment after amendment then they will probably sue something to make a statement. So even if the french goverment or any government try to stop it the people from trading music for movies the people of the world will find another way and another way etc....


smile.gif This is how I feel I don't mean to harm anyone or to offend anyone. smile.gif

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