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Google taps into search patterns


Janet Jackson has topped the list of most searched terms on Google in 2005.

Ms Jackson's name was top query in the search giant's annual summary of trends on what people have been looking for on the internet.

Hurricanes, the London bombings, iPods and Britney Spears' pregnancy all featured in the round-up, revealing the broad interests of Google users.


The results show how net use is maturing and how it has become more than a place people only go to shop.



1: Janet Jackson

2: Hurricane Katrina

3: Tsunami

4: Xbox 360

5: Brad Pitt

6: Michael Jackson

7: American Idol

8: Britney Spears

9: Angelina Jolie

10: Harry Potter


Collaborative tool


One feature of the London bombings and many of the other catastrophes that befell the world in 2005 was the use made of web journals or blogs and picture storing sites to give insight into events as they unfolded.


Many of the images snapped by survivors in the wake of many catastrophes were used by mainstream news outlets to illustrate events.


This interest in using the web less as a shop and more as a collaborative tool to share images and experiences is also reflected in the terms that Google said interest in which had grown the most.



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