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hi gang...


I'm working on a excel-based scorination system for a multi naton NS olympic games type event. I've done some offline testing and am happy with the progress so far.


Now I need some help... would like for maybe 10-15 testers.


Concept is.... I have a list of about 100 medal events, mostly in track and field (athletics), gymnastics, swimming.. along with team sports.


YOU get an allotment of points for your Olympic program, based on your population. YOU get to enter a number of points in your choice of events, up to a max of 100 for individual events, 200 for dual events, 300 to 500 for team competitions. As long as you stay under your total, you're ok.


This way, YOU get to prioritize the strengths and weaknesses of your national team.

If your country is strong in Basketball, give it the max 500 points.. but it'll come at the expense of other events.


The program adds up ALL the points entered in that event by all participating nations, and assigns a percentage chance of winning a gold medal, silver or bronze medal.

A random number generator then determines who wins the medals. In individual events, its possible for a country to win more than one medal, or even sweep the event.


There is no RPing figured in at this stage.


if interested, telegram me... or email (shutupvox@yahoo.com), and I'll send a list of events for you to assign points to... I'll run the sim on Jan 1st, or when I get 12 testers.

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Sounds very interesting. It must have taken a lot of time to comprise that excel-based scorination system.


I'd love help and try this on, but I'm afraid I won't be online enough these following days. I need to babysit my 3 little nephews. Would that be a problem? How much time would it cost to assign points for each team? And how would your national stats affect the processing (since I don't know of any sports-category)?

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It's definately "work in progress"... lol I just played with some simple concepts on competetiveness and probability. so far I was ok with the testing I've done.


Planning your team can be as simple or as complex as you want... you can put a lot of thought into it... maybe emphasizing your "national sports".. or just enter one good athlete in an event or two. with a little forethought, mine took about 15 mins.. but I'm a sports geek


The only national stat that comes into play is population. larger pop countries would likely have a larger pool of quality athletes... so they'd get more points so use for their team.

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