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Nations of Europa,


I, Lord Asbolus Terrec, Autarch of the small nation of Kal Toliman, am pleased to introduce my Dominion to the region. I'm sure you have some questions about my nation so I'll give a bit of background info.


System of government: The country's head of state is the Autarch who, in theory, rules by decree. In practice, the Autarch's power is kept in check by the regional governors on whom the Autarch depends to keep control of the nation. There are no elections.


Military: Kal Toliman has strong defensive capabilities, border fortresses and the like, but does not consider offense a priority. There is, however, an elite group of about 100 specially trained peacekeepers whose operations take them sometimes outside the borders of Kal Toliman.


Economy: The currency of Kal Toliman is the Schilling. Unemployment is near 0%, due largely to the government's policy of putting the long term unemployed in the army.


Religion: People can believe whatever they want, within reason.

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