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Colony 'For sale'

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------------IJBC News Broadcast-------------


Main Headline:


The Ide Jiman Government today announced that due to a failing colonial fund, it can no longer sustain the upper central peninsular colony (ex-Jaihu place). It is to be placed for sale. President Heisan released this statement earlier today:


"The Stantang exclave is of no use to the Ide Jiman Republic. It's people have resented Ide Jiman occupation, and for us it has been of minimal benefit. Europa's three largest dams are on the colony, and any nation wishing to purchase this land could expect to benefit greatly in terms of hydroelectric power. For the federal republic, it is of no use in military terms. It was originally intended as a missile base, during a period of international tension, however now it is little more than a token of Ide Jiman imperialism. Our economy can no longer sustain this colony, and we see a peaceful handover to another nation as the best means of maintaining stability in the region. 800 nuclear ICBMs based in the colony are to be destroyed when such a takeover happens, as well as a complete military withdrawal of Field Marshal Edler von Kurzbach's Army Group: East. The area is rich in resources which we were incapable of exploiting due to costs. We sincerely hope that other nations will express interest in this proposal."


The Ide Jiman military is preparing to make a full withdrawal in the new year. This move was not unexpected, as Heisan had referred to the colony as a 'financial black hole' during his election campaign.

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The Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty is interested in purchasing this territory. We intend on creating a Special Economic Zone within Jaihu, to promote economic development. Already PetroEnerGen has expressed exclusive rights to the three hydroelectric dam that would provide significant infrastructure for development. In addition significant tax breaks shall be encouraging to businesses to migrate to that particular area.


We await Ide Jima's reply.

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We need to know specifics:


How big is the territory?

How much interms of natural resources are available?

How large is the population?

How many Harbours are available?

How many Airports are available?

How developed is the internal transportation/transit system infrastructure?

How easy is the location able to be supplied, externally?


Before making any bid, we wish to know these items.

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Here is the colony in question:


user posted image



1) As you can see, this area is very large - and is situated on the CP


2) There are substantial amounts of iron and coal, enough to last 50 years intense mining.


3)The population is small, about 3 million live in the colony 123,000 military members stationed there are being withdrawn to Ide Jima.


4)There are 4 large harbours.


5)There are 17 airports in the colony - most are ex-military.


6)Paved Highways connect all major towns, between Akkan and Kashgar there is a civil railway.


7) Supply is easy, there are major ports along the coast.

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***People's Federation Private Statement***


we express intrest in this also, we have always promoted enviromentaly friendly resources, but what ever you deside, we will be intrested in a small area. plus the enviromentalist groups arent to happy in Adaptus at the moment after a resent burning of cattle that were suspected of having foot and mouth, but actuly didnt, and after a large forest was boldozed, to make way for a road, wich i never gave my consent to. so it would sort of please them by promoting a bit of clean energy sources. unsure.gif

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The Ide Jiman government favours Xheng's offer, for 100 Billion. If the People's federation wish to make a land deal, it is to be made with the Arch-Imperium. The area of land will be sold for $100 Billion. A final takeover date is expected shortly, but for now, Ide Jiman military units are withdrawing, taking all intel with. We are glad to see that an agreement can be reached. This sum of money will easily cover the Ide Jiman economic problem.

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The Arch-Imperium currently invests more than 10 Trillion, into just law enforcement. For us to make our government spending more efficient, we need only relocate 10% of government expenditures towards this foreign investment. The Arch-Imperium feels that it has the capability to create a flourishing colony that will encourage foreign investment as well a strategic point for tourism.


Royal Star Enterprises is already planning to make the colony a main stop for its fleet of 15 cruise liners and already has plans for a massive theme park to be constructed, in addition more than 20 resorts and luxury hotels are going to be built.

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If all money could be wired to the Ide Jiman Government Account:




We will hand over control upon receiving the $100 Billion. Most Ide Jiman troops have been withdrawn, some have yet to move but will do so only when Xheng's forces arrive.

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The International Imperial Investment Bank has confirmed that they have wired an exact transfer of 100 billion Imperial Euros to XXX-MOD4-XX, the government of Ide Jima.


Already a small fleet of ships has departed for the new colony.

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OOC: so you have just paid 100 Billion for a pice of land, and your going to revamp your whole nation too, maybe 100 billion you could aford, but 100 billion plus about 50 trillion, judging by the size of your nation and such for a revamp, how could that be posible.

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Official Statement of the Ide Jiman Government


The last Ide Jiman troops today left the Stantang exclave, upon the arrival of a force from the Arch Imperium. The area is now under control of the Arch Imperium, having been sold for $100 Billion. Those citizens who chose to remain in the colony are now part of the Xheng empire, and must abide the rules.

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