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The Holy Empire of Charlettenburg

Guest Charlettenburg

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Guest Charlettenburg



I am Emperor Kross of the Holy Empire of Charlettenburg. We strive to create a fair system beneath a wise, benevolent hereditary ruler. As such, sometimes heretics, communists, and the like try to infiltrate our country with their bland ideals, such as equality for all, religious freedom, democracy, and the like; it simply would not work here, and besides, everyone knows that voting does not bestow any real power upon citizens, it simply requires them to show up for jury duty and to spend dukathes on gasoline, food, and the like to get to the courts or to the poling places.


We in Charlettenburg do not burden our citizens with such petty things; the government handles all parts of the justice process: judge, jury, and (if needs be) executioner.


Anywho, hello!

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To Emporer Kross of Charlettenburg.


On behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Vox and the people of Northern Voobaha, I send greetings.


Though our political philosophies are at opposite ends, we look forward to many years of peace and friendship with you and your people.


Welcome to Europa!


We wish you the best this Holiday Season.


Peace and Blessed Be.



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