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A punishment of an Iranian boy.

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this is what i hate, by a strange coinsedance, i was listening to REM's mad worls when i saw those pictures, and to be policte i am f*cking disgusted with this, yet this is not the worst, those of you who have seen ogrish.com will know what i mean. this is what the U.S should be looking at if it was an ideal world, but while the attack iraq, a major oli source, and long time enemy of iran, also they just stand by while iran produces nuclear weapons, and things like this happen. and they just sit there, it curtanly makes you think doesnt it. i wish i could have a moment with Bush and the puppet Blair.

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Iran is the most f*cked up country in the world. I am frightened what the result of all this brainwashing on young Iranian minds will be. Their current generation is already so of this world.


Pirilao, what's your source?

A friend, who sent this for my personal mail, in intention to give to know the problem to the greater n? of people. angry.gif

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Brilliant idea!


Last year I went to Iraq. Before Team America showed up, it was a happy place. They had flowery meadows and rainbow skies, and rivers made of chocolate, where the children danced and laughed and played with gumdrop smiles


Oh, and CND would be a better one? wink.gif

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Maybe I should post some pictures from Abu Grab? Why not Invade the US for having the death penalty or bomb Singapore for using the rattan cane to punish soem crimes. How about schools that use the cane? My point? The West isn't always as nice as we'd like to think...

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I was thinking about this.


In a nation such as Iran, which is a hardcore religionist state, in which dissenters really aren't like, giving foreign support to these dissenters, especially from a Western nation, may actually back-fire and give the exact opposite result than what is wanted, ie the government is able to lable these people as traitors and suck-ups to foreign powers, especially the "Great Satan" or the USA to those of us with higher intellectual calibre.


But then that's not to say I condone the use of force in such a situation as this. I'd prefer support of the more liberal organisation in Iran, but I fear that it may work against them.

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You can't really change a nation by invading. A real change must come from within the country - or the country has to be in a state in which the people want an invasion and are ready to be defeated.


Iran isn't either. This sort of punishment is accepted as normal. Just look up what they're doing to women who cheat on their husband - they're publicly killed by throwing stones at them - just like thousands of years ago...


The only thing we can do is condemn it - but that's all.



Plus (invasion-topic):

- The US currently has no forces available to defeat the forces of Iran

- The US currently has no forces available to conquer and secure the Iran

- Without at least 1 million soldiers that can be stationed permanently in Iran such an invasion shouldn't be even thought about (that ridiculous 150.000 soldiers in Iraq wouldn't be sufficient for half of Iran)

- A large part of Iran consists of mountains and problematic terrain, meaning: Tanks are useless; many, many hiding places; guerilla war;

- Iran has chemical weapons, probably nuclear weapons

- The people of Iran (conservatives and liberals) don't WANT to be conquered by the US

- No other nation on the world is willing or capable (or both) of conquering Iran



So...let's drop that...

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Seen it before. I believe if you look it up, you will find out that the boy is from a poor family and performs these 'stunts' to earn some money. Still, a child of his age should not work, and definitely not like this.

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