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Romefeller Foundation

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Monarchies are all over Europa, and the Arch-Imperium wishes to form an association with them, to promote the existence of Monarchies and the aristocracies with their traditional conservative values and monarchical system. Its other tasks contain are preventing revolutions, simplifying monarchy restitutions and running the 'Home of Retired Ruler' for exiled monarchs.

This is a simple friendly association, and NOT a military alliance, or a free trade agreement. Should the membership wish to extend the authority of this body, it must be done democratically within the confines of the foundation itself.


  • Xheng
  • Adaptus
  • Tagmatium
  • Orioni

(OOC: Yes I took the name from Gundam Wing, the Romefeller Foundation was an organization of powerful monarchs who used their financial powers and influence to rule the world.....)

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King Charles sat and read the proposal from Xheng, once he finished he looked up, sighed, took a sip of his orange juice puched up his morning paper in preperation to read, then turned to his aide who had handed him the message.


"Well looks interesting, make this my first act as King, we'll see what business these forigners offer, see if it needs a political counter against it".


the aide looked at the King with amazment, this was the first task he had undertaken for the King. he never realized the intelagence of such a young man. As the aide gazed upon the rows of books, and many political and law degrees hanging on the wall of his study, he thought to himself, "here we have a man of great power".




*Hartford Hall Statment*


both me and my dear wife, the Adapton Queen, would like to place our deap intrestes into this gathering, we shall attend this Romefeller Foundation as it is know. also if you do not mind we will be travaling with a small entourage of my personal friends who are of political importance, and serveral of my personal and most trusted Guards. so we would like to resives further imformants about this gathering, as we would be happy to partisapte. thank you so kindly.


His Majesty Charles Hollowfield,

and beloved Queen Delila Hollowfield.


Aadapton Monarchy


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The Emperor of Tagmatium, Commodus III, was also handed the message from Xheng about the "Romefeller Foundation" by an aide. It intrigued him. It would also possibly provide the Greater Holy Empire with a stick to beat Ide Jima over the Deltannian conflict, as Xheng was also in an alliance with the Federal Republic. Although he wasn't personally keen on having a barbarian nation dabble in the internal affairs of the thousand-year-old Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium or promoting the founding of an aristocractic class which could threaten his hold on the Imperial throne, Commodus was still interested in discussing the possiblities of the "Foundation".




To: the Arch-Imperium of Xheng

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Subject: The "Romefeller Foundation"


We are interested in this "Romefeller Foundation", as it does allow Tagmatium to engender favourable relations with many other nations in Europa, even those which we would not necessarily come into contact with usually. To this effect, we will be sending a Tagmatine Foreign Ministry offical, Isaac Chartikes, as the Greater Holy Empire's representive to Xheng, in order to discuss the possibilites of this organisation.

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TO: Xheng

FROM: Orioni, Department of Foreign Affairs

SUBJECT: Romefeller Foundation


The Empire of Orioni wishes to announce that, although we see no harm in this proposal, we would like to apply for a association with the Romefeller Foundation. After some time we will evaluate our cooperation to see if a full membership is more desirable.



OOC: Here is the flag of the 'Romefeller Foundation'. I found it here. You can use it if you like.
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Hartford Hall would be delighted to host a gathering. Hartford Abbey, located in Hartford County (just north east of Ramseygrad). Ramseygrad Intrnational Airport will be the nearest airport, and if traveling by sea, FIN Swanhunters will be the main port of entrace.


King Hollowfield

Protector of the Adapton Realm

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OOC: I would like to bring my fellow monarchies on board. The Romefeller Foundation is an old, old institution. So very similar to the idea of royal blood itself. All nations with blue blood are welcome to participate. Just not stinking republics. :P

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From:  Brigadier Sir Jock Spurgeon-Price, GCGO KCG DSO (Ret'd)
            Private Secretary to His Majesty, King Albert the Second

Monday, 12th February 2018


To whom it may concern,

His Majesty, King Albert, has asked me to thank you for the invitation to attend The Romefeller Foundation's Annual Conference in March 2018.

His Majesty, is extremely grateful that such an invitation has been extended to him and after much consideration, wishes to extend his acceptance of the invitation.

His Majesty looks forward to meeting with the Monarchs of each of the nations attending such an auspicious event.


Yours Sincerely,


Sir Jock Spurgeon-Price

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Echos reverberated around the marbled corridors deep within the palace, as the sandalled feet of an aide made their way to a set of towering pillars. Beyond which stood Augustus, surrounded by half a dozen or so Principal from the College. Their discussions mostly beyond that of the aide as they entered the large assembly like hall in which the Principals and the King where lounging in a single small corner. 

"King Augustus." The aide humbly spoke, cutting into the Principals conversation. He then held out a wax stamped scroll. A typical method of physical documentation in Adaptus. 

"Ah! Thank you!" Augustus replied, accepting the scroll with wonder. He broke off the wax to then read the message. "Romefeller Foundation? I do recall past records of previous monarchs attending this. It seems the organisation is once again, trying to be relevant. This time led by an @Orioni delegation. Interesting. I think I shall attend." Augustus shot a cheerful grin and smile at his colleagues across from him, who all returned the gesture. 

Later that day, a reply was dispatched. 


 Correspondentia urbem sedes imperii principes collegio valuerant  

(Correspondence of the High City, seat of the Imperial Ascendancy and College of Principals)

From: King Ascendant, Augustus III.

To: The Romefeller Foundation.


In lieu of recent international resurgence, I find the association of regional monarchs, while disagreeable by Adapton definitions of monarchy, still necessary. It is with this sentiment I accept this invitation, and will present myself to the foundation, and it's members. And in doing so, reaffirm Adapton membership. 

I look forward to a progressive and imperative meeting. 

Kindest Regards,

Augustus III. 

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