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The Return of the King

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On board an Ide Jiman NI Corps AN-2, 45 miles south of Southwatch - the president is being interviewed by an IJBC reporter...


"So, Mr President moving on from the issue of nuclear cuts - where do you stand on the restoration of the monarchy?"


"It is a neccessary step towards establishing Ide Jima as a superpower in the south - it would add a great deal of national pride to our populace, and it would also replace a massive part of the culture which was taken away by the last few governments."


"Who is to be chosen as the new monarch?"


"I believe Janichiro Kuzdan is the most direct descendant of Mitsuhiran alive today - he is his nephew, although he is 65 - no spring chicken. Mikosiru - his father is alive, but only just - he's on his deathbed, very sad indeed."


"Kuzdan's second cousin owns SAC - one of Ide Jima's largest companies, won't this widen the rich poor divide, in creating a wealthy elite?"


"That's already happened!- Under Utsure's government"


"Ok, Mr President - thank you for your time..."


"No problem - we'll announce it shortly... Save you the trouble eh?"


"haha... you'll need someone to spread it!..."




--Ide Jiman Government Announcement--


President Inishiro Heisan today announced his approval of the restoration of the Ide Jiman monarchy whilst touring forces at southwatch airbase on Rosario island. The new monarch is to be Janichiro Kuzdan - who last year returned from exile in the Sublime Principate, following the fall of communism. The governments of the following nations have been invited to send representatives to the restoration ceremony:





-The Xheng Dynasty

-Byzantium Nova

-Nevareion Nova

-Loyalist Deltannia


-Haken Rider








We understand if governments are unable to send representatives. An army march past is planned - as the monarch in theory is head of the army. Any nations wishing to contribute a company of troops are welcome. If any national leaders wish to attend, we would accept very gladly.


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To: His Majesty Janichiro Kuzdan, the government and people of Ide Jima

From: P'Neonaric, Prince of the Akiiryans, the Akiiryan Baronic Council and the people of Akiiryu



We welcome this news with joy. The Prince will be honoured to attended the coronation of Janichiro Kuzdan as king of Ide Jima. His majesty P'Neonaric has announced that a company of his horse guards and a company of his foot guards and a will be sent to join post coronation march past.



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His Imperial Majesty, the Xheng Emperor, wishes to attend. In addition, as a gift to show the generocity of the Arch-Imperium, his Imperial Majesty will present a gift, the Sinjia Blue Diamond to new Monarch of Ide Jima.


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To: Federal Republic of Ide Jima, and new Monarch His Majesty Janichiro Kuzdan.

From: the Peoples Federation of Adaptus, and Hartford Hall.


both Prime Minister Ramsey, and the Royal Family would like to attend this monumentus occation. we congradulate His Majesty Janichiro Kuzdan for become head of the new Ide Jiman Royal line. we would also like to send the Kings Colour Sqadren and the Kings Own Regt Drill teams, which are both at company size to partisapate in this march past. we als wish His Majesty Janichiro Kuzdan a long and prosporus raine, and we wish the Federal Republic the brightest futures.

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To: His Majesty Janichiro Kuzdan and the prople of the Federal Republic of Ide Jima

From: Prince Vox Norgren, Principality of Northern Voobaha


The people of Northern Voobaha would like to offer our Royal Military Marching Band unit (of 60 members) and the Royal Llama Guardians elite military unit (100 members, and 100 trained llamas) for your use in any capacity, as Your Majesty sees fit in you post Coronation celebration.


Congratualtions on your asencion to the Ide Jiman throne. May your reign be peaceful and blessed.


HRH Vox Norgren

Prince of Northern Voobaha

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To: His Excellency, Janichiro Kuzdan and the Populace of the Federal Republic of Ide Jima

From: Malaetu Shakor, Imperial Chancellor of Bhalman


The Emperor is most pleased by this invitation. Emperor Khan and myself shall attend this event and shall be escorted by some of the most loyal Imperial Guardsmen in the Imperium. We do have a gift for his excellency, but it shall be given after the main ceremony.

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To: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

From: The Ide Jiman Royal Office


Noble Allies,


It is a great honour to see that the prince will be attending in person. Your army companies will be gladly accomadated for. We will be sure to inform you of the ceremony date in the near future.






To: The Arch-Imperium

From: The Ide Jiman Royal Office


Honorable Friends,


We are eternally grateful for the gift which you are giving our monarchy - your generosity will not be forgotten. We are also greatly pleased to see that the Xheng emperor will be attending in person. You will receive another contact in the near future giving details on the date.






To: The People's Federation of Adaptus

From: The Ide Jiman Royal Office


Dear Friends,


Your guests will gladly be received by the Ide Jiman people. We are very glad to see that such highly renowned people will be attending. We will be sure to give you further details in the near future.






To: Northern Voobaha

From: The Ide Jiman Royal Office


We are very glad to see that Northern Voobaha has decided to send representatives. We would gladly allow your troops to take past in the march past.





To: Malaetu Shakor, Imperial Chancellor of Bhalman

From: The Ide Jiman Royal Office


Dear Friends,


It is a great honor to see that the emperor will be attending in person. Serekan royal barracks have a wing which will accomadate foreign forces participating in the march past. We are intrigued to hear that you have a gift planned!

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To: Ide Jiman Royal Office

From: The National Comrades of Niederoestereich


We thank you for this invitation,

Although we do not like to see nations returning to systems of old, we must accept this and move on. Therefore we congratulate the rise of Janichiro Kuzdan as supreme overlord of the people of Ide Jima. Premeir White shall represent the people of Niederoestereich at the coronation ceremony. To participate in the post coronation march, we wish to send a company from the 2/14th Light Horse Regiment and the crew of NMS Monoora, a destroyer.

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To: Pirilao

From:The Ide Jiman Royal Office


We are most honored to see that the Pirilao will be attending the reinstatement ceremony. We offer our greatest thanks to you for this wonderful gift. We will give you further details in the near future. Many thanks again,


Janichiro Kuzdan - emperor to be.





To: The National Comrades of Niederoestereich

From: The Ide Jiman royal office


We are glad to see that you have decided to represent. The fact you are sending a leader is indeed a great honour to us. Your willingness to forget pass transgresences is an example to us all. Further details are to follow soon.

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a Public Message to Ide Jima


We of Haken Rider applaud this action. Our relations have not been as close as they once were, but we hope that with this regime change the time of a new, a strong, a united Europa has come. We will be most delighted to have our nation represented for this grand event.


(OOC: will post in Long War thread eventually....)

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To: Haken Rider

From: Ide Jima


It is truly an honour to see the founer of the LT being represented here. Truly there may be an end to the division in Europa through this move. We will be sure to send further details in the near future.

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TO: President Inishiro Heisan and His Highness Janichiro Kuzdan.


FR: His Most Noble and August Imperial Highness Androncius VII.



The nation of Rhomanoi rejoices in the news that IdeJima will be reinstating her monarchy. On behalf of the Roman Senate, may I pass on my congratulations to HH Janichiro Kuzdan for his resumption of the royal title, and wish him and his people all the very best for the future.


As a token of our appreciation, I shall dispatch an official imperial envoy to IdeJima for the coronation. It will consist of my aunt, the Grand Duchess of Syria Olga, and a detachment of the Varangian Guards for the march past.


Once again, I wish IdeJima and its new monarch the very best for the future.


Yours in faith,



HIH Andronicus VII.

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To: Rhomanoi

From: The Ide Jiman Royal Office


We are delighted to see that you are to be represented, another contact will follow shortly with an order of the days proceedings.





To: Akiiryu, Adaptus, Bhalman, Haken Rider ,Northern Voobaha, Niederoestereich, Pirilao and Rhomanoi.

From: The Ide Jiman Royal Office


Here is a list of the day's proceedings. The date (which I havn't yet decided) is to be announced shortly.



3 PM:The Ceremony begins, as the representatives make their way from the Presidential residence to the stand in Liberation Square - central Serekan.


3.30 PM:The opening speech is given by the Archbishop of the Ide Jiman church.


4.00 PM: International Armed forces conduct a march past for the new Ide Jiman monarch. The 'ORBAT' as it were is as follows:


-10th Laoshan Heavy Infantry Regiment.

-Akiiryan Foot Guard Company

-11th Laoshan FlaK-390 Company

-Akiiryan Horse Guard Detachment

-12th Harbin Naval Infantry Commando Company

-Adaptan King's Colour Regiment Company

-Adaptan King's Own Regiment Company

-16th Army High Command Armoured Regiment

-Royal Northern Voobaha Marching Band

-Royal Northern Voobaha Llama Guards

-Bhali Imperial Guardsmen

-Niederoestereich 2/14 Light Horse Regiment

-The Crew of NMS Monoora

-Varangian Guards

-14th Stormtrooper Motorised Regiment

-15th Stormtrooper CRW Regiment


5.00 PM: The Bishop ordanes Janichiro Kuzdan as Ide Jiman emperor.


5.45 PM: The Emperor Gives a speech, before withdrawing to celebrations. 45 MiG-31 Advanced Interceptors flanking a TU-160 will launch a flyover as the emperor falls back.




All Representatives are invited to celebrations in the new royal palace at the south end of Serekan beach...

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(I'll fastforward things slightly here...)



By noon that day, guests had already started to arrive. The royal complex was far too busy with staff preparing for festivities, so Janichiro had gone to visit the home of his friend Aichi Jiangwei - former head of the Ide Jiman military, and now commander of forces in the central ranges.


"Today is a great day Janichiro - you shouldn't be so nervous!"


"It isn't easy - being pushed into the limelight this quickly"


"You're saying you don't want to be Emperor?"


"No, no - I would love to be emperor, still I am just being nervous..."


There was a knock at the door, a messenger from Inishiro Heisan arrived - to tell him that the plane bringing the Akiiryan prince was on the final stretch leading into Chang intl. airport in Serekan.


"I shall make ready to greet our ally, how are other preparations Aichi?"


"TZDS-9 Have declared central Serekan to be safe for proceedings. Security is paramount - there are snipers on every building and road blocks guarding the entire area which is to be seen by our guests."




"TZDS have already foiled a bomb attempt by an extremist native animist group - it was minimal threat anyway."


"Well then! Get our car ready, we must go to the airport to greet our friends!"




Outside preperations were going well. An ornament seating area for guests had been set up. Each representative and 5 members of their entourage were provided with seating. The national leaders would be in the front row, with military leaders behind, and other members behind them. The road from the Serekan barracks - which were next to the MOD building right across to People's square and the royal complex were cordoned off for the event. 600 Members of the Serekan Police SP unit were patrolling the area - along with operatives from Ide Jima's secret services, TZDS and TZDS-9.


Infront of the stand, members of the secret service brushed up on how not to insult the Akiiryan prince, and how to react in emergency scenarios. A few members of the stormtrooper motorised regiment practised moving across the square in formation on motorbikes whilst on the far side of the square a policeman chased a sniffer dog which he had lost control of. On all four sides of the square, sniper teams watched proceedings through their scopes. There were 30 teams in total - 20 with Dragunov SVDs, 10 With Barrett 'Light Fifty' heavy sniper rifles.


Things were falling into place well. Overhead news helicopters roared as the Vice President - Ylane Murtan inspected the area at 9 in the morning - 6 hours before proceedings began...

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TO: President Inishiro Heisan, Serakan, Ide Jima

FROM: HRH Empress Orioni, Orionopolis, Orioni

SUBJECT: The Crowning of Janichiro Kuzdan


Dear President Inishiro Heisan,


It is with the greatest pleasure that I personally accept your invitation to come the the crowning of your new monarch, Janichiro Kuzdan.


The opportunity of personally meeting the new leader of your honorable nation is a chance I would not want to miss.


Please forgive my overdue reply. Had I received this invitation anytime sooner, some of our military forces would have surely taken part in your parade.


Instead of requesting a naval escorte, it is still possible to arrange some aircraft from the nearby Orioni Military Island. A brief reply from your part will suffice to arrange this.


With the kindest regards,

And special congratulations to Janichiro Kuzdan,

I remain cordially yours,


H.R.H. Empress Orioni


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To:HRH Empress Orioni, Orionopolis, Orioni

From:President Inishiro Heisan, Serekan, Ide Jima


We are glad to see that Empress Orioni has decided to attend this event. The event is to be held in Serekan in the near future. Orioni air force escort jets will be permitted in our airspace, or an IJAF squadron could escort you - we leave that decision in your hands. Nonetheless, thank you for choosing to attend,


President Inishiro heisan.

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OOC: Dang, I just lost my post...... Anyway, Sorry I didn't reply early, I wasn't sure how to do this since you invited only Loyalist Deltannia. Anyway, I'll try not to get intertwined with the war here.


The Councilmen stepped off of the ship along with the one Senator. He had been on a foreign tour when the takeover occurred, to his good luck. They had to explain who they were before guards lowered their weapons, it would make sense to mistake them for Nationalist leaders.


After the tensions wore off, they were directed to the ceremonies, glad to be here than anywhere else.

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To: Ide Jiman Royal Office

From: Haken Rider


We shall send a delegation consisting out of:

Chef Willy

Condo Rice, State Advisor

Max Rural, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Chant Merch, Minister of Trade

Tiran Deruyter, Chairman of the Grand Council

each will have staff members


If this is no problem, they will travel by two govermental jets with a light escort. Chairman Deruyter excuses himself, because he shall have to leave sooner, because of internal affairs in our nation.


We thank you for the invitation.

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