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Terrorist Organisations.

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just had a thought, why not comprise a list of all the Terroist groups that oporate in Europa, and where in Europa they oporate, just for future RP reference, and maybe it could lead to something, like a international war on terror like the current war on terror in RL? just a thought, and if it's a rejected idea, just close this thread and delete it, cos my threads seems to fail.

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yeah i you are right. but i just got the idea from a special forces book i have, it lists all Terroist Groups throught the world quite nicley, and i thought we could make our own. then we could write a little about there history, and there intenstion, could be interesting.

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Funny this thread came up.. I was considering two PNV militia/terror groups, one political, one religious.


National Front is an armed group that is allied with the "United Voobaha" political party. Their aim is to reunite the recently independent North with the homeland of Voobaha.


Red Candle is a more radical group that wants to see PNV become a nation based purely on the Wiccan Crede. Many members are decendants of the original settlers of the North, who fled religious persecution.



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Terrorist organisations are odd ones...


I don't think Tagmatium would have any, but then again recent military expansion would into near-by plots would obviously make separatist political movements and even terrorist organisations.


Religious themes may also be a good one. Tagmatium is an Orthodox Christian nation, but has never been actively trying to "convert the heathen", but there probably would be groups which would want this, or, oppositely, groups which would want a more secular Tagmatium.


@VN: Good going!

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I can look into it. Got a RP book that lists terrorist groups and intelligence agencies their history and backround. I?m not too active in christmas though as my computer monitor blew up (yep, all the blue mist inside escaped) and while I?m going to visit my mom she does not like to see me being at computer too much. I?ll try to visit occasionally though and think something about this topic. (I played separatist group before so I may bring them up again.)

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a terroist groups could be upset about a way a country is being ran, or how some of there friends are wrongfuly jailed, or about the amount of religion in a nation or sort of religion.


their goals could be to free "brothers" from prison, to declair there own state, or to give more political say to a minority group, or even there goal could be to force a nation our of their land.


they could attack countries which are acting against a minority, a nation with an opressive government, could attack a country that has taken over part of the natives country.



oh and the Ide the treehugger idea sounds good.

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i have been looking into this for a while, i Bhalman informed me that FAN had something very similar, so i took a look, and it is very interesting, they have a huge detailed list of most nations Terror groups, and have an anti-terror orgonizastion to go aloung with it. they RP insodents, and Counter-attascks on the terrorists. all in all very interesting.

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yeah that would be nice, i know a bit myself, being a Cpl in the ATC, it may be the Cadets but we do alot of CQB Technieqes and Assault Technieques and such that the British Army have used in Situation in Iraq, and i've heard a few stories from there too.

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Vanarambaion has two viable terrorist groups. One is monarchist and very secret, the other anti-monarchist and quite open. The secret one, known as the Skull Society, spends most of its time providing opportunities for the monarchy to expand, and if it were to ever fall, to reinstate it with all available speed.


The not-so-secret one attacks the monarchy in the name of the "oppressed peoples" of Vanarambaion - mostly minority groups and other special interests. They are responsible for the attack on General Van Helsing, the current Emperor's father.


Vanarambaion itself follows a very introspective modification of the Catholic faith, and religious concerns are sometimes used to rally the population to the crown. They are tolerant of certain other faiths - most notably having adapted to complement the Akiiryan faith recently.

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Just add this to your list:


* Scorpio Clan


They're not really terrorists, but they have been known for their attempts at assasinating members of our imperial family. Centuries ago, they also commited a coup d'?tat. (The whole story will be on my wiki-page soon.)

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Terror Groups?


Ide Jima has two large ones:


1) The CLF (Cteisephon Liberation Front) A native activist group, deemed by the government to be a terrorist group. Several bombings and biological attacks. But one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter...


2) The Kharzai religous sect. Based in the central mountains, they bomb kill and assassinate government officials, more or a rebel group than a terror org. but activity has dried up recently.

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The only terrorist network in HalKu are followers of The Rebels in the HalKu civil war. They have their own version of Halish-Kuthean. They are relativly weak, and small in number, yet they wish the destroy the current system in HalKu, because they belive it is God's will. They would be willing to co-operate with many other terror groups, becuase they believe that their mission is God's will, and they will do ANYTHING to acchieve it.


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