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Interregional Railways: Should It Be So?


Should there be a interregional railway from FAN to Europa?  

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  1. 1. Should there be a interregional railway from FAN to Europa?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe

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I was talking with Aki eariler about this and I was wondering if this should happen. The reason I bring this up would bring FAN and Europa closer in terms of RP and so forth. As you are all not aware, their are 3 rail networks* at this time in FAN all vying for prime destinations and Europa looks like a promising area of locations. When I started this, I did it by selection, choosing nations that I would connect to but those were all proposed routes and now I ask you, the region of desire to speak your mind and voice on this matter. Please vote and post the reason for your vote.


Thank You. I will respect whatever the outcome is.


*The Three Networks are the following:

  • CHTN (Caldari Highspeed Train Network)
  • TRTS (Typophilean Razor Train System)
  • TIWT (Trodonian Intercontintal Wraith Train)


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I am againtst this. Cross regional rps are generally hard to manage. Moreover the tecn levels between our two regions are FAR too different.


I accidently votes YES and NO (you can do it) Please delete one of the yes votes from the final count.

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Gah, I'm in two minds. I mean, we've had Q102/Europan RP cross-overs, with Nevareion Nova coming here and my involvement in his civil war, albeit on a small scale. This works as our techs are more-or-less the same, give or take the odd thing. The FAN is future-tech, so there is less of a cross-over possible, without skewing our tech-level off.

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