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The Republic of Myrja

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The Republic of Myrja

"Stay here too long and you'll become extinct!!"


Hey, i am a founder member of the Republic of Myrja Council and current head of state. Just a little intro and bonjour to my fellow countries. The Republic of Myrja is the home to the Dodo and the lost Chipmunk, who is still lost but we know he's around somewhere.....were still looking.....also all children are issused with a dodo at birth along with a mobile phone and a packet of crisps.


Please come visit our country and if you happen to find the lost chipmunk please contact Jim bob the 2nd on:048 7836 27842 or alternatively email at ivefoundthelostchipmunk@Myrja.com.


Rumaje (thank you)


MC Nugget

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