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Ended Isolation Period


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MSNBC (Mongol-Swede National Broadcasting Center) reopens today, after a period of substantial socio-economic revitalizations in The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa (ooc: AKA The Nation formerly known as "The Social Alliance of Mongol-Swedes).


The newly reformed Tribal Tribunal, whose membership expanded from 25 Elder representatives, to 85, in an effort to include many of the smaller tribes which have recently joined in allegiance with The Union, have recently been making efforts to re-establish contact with The Union's closest allies of The Republic of Tamurin, in an effort to "catch up on old times", and to reaffirm the Co-Prosperity Agreement, as well as the Union's commitment to the Medicinal Marijuana Research and Trade Alliance(MMRTA), and other trade agreements with other nations of Europa.


The reorganized Corps of Tribal Warriors, formerly known as the Mongol-Swede Commando Cell Forces, has also re-deployed thruout The Union's Areas of Operations, cooperating closely with now much larger air and sea supplementary forces, a teamwork effort that the enemies of The Union have felt in the past.


As before, The Union maintains its strong neutral foreign policy with relation to Europan affairs, whilst increasing its internal progressive social policies, with a completely renovated environmental supplementary program, as well as significant improvements to the national healthcare system. Increased defense spending has increased The Union's number of Combat Arms personnel from 800,000 to 1.4 million, naturally not to include those working in Combat Support and Combat Service Support, the latter of which is now largely operated by civilian patriots.


In short, we here at MSNBC believe that the future of the 'reborn' Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa is bright indeed, as the Peoples of the Tribelands carry on deeper into the 21st century.

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