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**as the familiar and light five note chime plays at the top of the hour**


"RNV2 news at the top of the hour, I'm Christopher Jackson.


An appeal on His Royal Higness veto, sends the casino age limit bill to the National Court. Bob Healey reports from the Conclave"


"Moments after HRH Vox issued his veto on a bill that would impose strict minimum age limits on casino gambling, the PR machine was in motion. Minister of Commerce, Nicolas GrennUf says the bill was designed to keep casinos from being used as day-care centers for children, who are often seen hanging out and gambling after school. Estimates say as much at 3% of PNV's gaming revenue is coming from school age children. Opponents of the bill applauded HRH veto, and say they will be victorious in National Court, where a Decision is expected by Friday.

Bob Healey, RNV2 at the Conclave."


"Talks heat up as members of the Conclave look to add partisan amendments to the budget bill. Most notable? One from members of The Circle that would make Wicca the offical state religion. It was defeated soundly by the majority christian conclave. Analysts say this may draw more divisive lines between hard-line members of The Circle and the other more conservative parties."


"and in sport... plans have been announced for PNV to make a bid to host the 2006 Europa Games. "


"At the hour, I'm Christopher Jackson, RTV2 News"

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<clicking through TV channels... stopping on NVTV1 for "Melissa!", the popular late-night talk show hosted by a former exotic dancer turned comedienne>


"So you hear Prince Vox got smacked again by the National? He overturned a bill that would allow corporations to donate to political campaings. So the Court says companies are headed by people, and people have the right, no matter how successful, to support politicians. He's lost more appeals lately than the national cricket team" <laughter from the studio audience>


"oh.. and while we're on the topic of the BlueCrew... did you see their one-day friendly yesterday? Bad Bowling... weak innings batting.. and the fielding? I haven't seen that many flys get dropped since I quit stripping!"

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**as the familiar and light five note chime plays at the top of the hour**


"RNV2 news at the top of the hour, I'm Christopher Jackson.


A major winter storm is bringing heavy snows and freezing rain to the high deserts in the Eastern principality. Travel is at a standstill from Poronidje south. Diana AlVear has is live at Poronidje International Airport."


"7 inches of snow in that past 4 hours has paralyzed this airport. 42 flights have been cancelled since ths morning, stranding over 4 thousand people in the main terminal here. Vehicle and train service over the pass into the Western Counties is also at a standstill, with over a foot of snow on the ground. Forecasters expect the storm to pass later tonight. But for now, travel in the Eastern Counties is literally frozen. Chris?"


"There are also delays and cancellations of flights in and out of the resort city of Wikata. Hotels there are reported at near full capacity. "


"There's jubation on the streets of Ide Jima. <sound of of people cheering>

The Federal government is restoring the Ide Jiman Royal family to the throne.

A Coronation ceremeny is set for later this month. "


"Minister of Sport Carlos AnKwill has announced formation of a professional football soccer league to begin play in early 2006 . The Northern League will feature a dozen teams, including a team made up of purely foreign players. The minister says teams will otherwise be limited to one foreign citizen each."


"At the hour, I'm Christopher Jackson, RTV2 News"


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  • 2 weeks later...

<tuning in late night television... as a frazzled male reporter is standing in front of a crowd assembled for a pres conference>


"-- and the penetration into Northern Voohabian airspace. The two Air Force McDonnell F-101B fighters were dispatched over Kellnersville, but radio transmissions went silent. So were weren't able to mointor the situation in the skies over the capitol. So a this point, we'er still not sure ewhat exact-- jsut a moment, the Prime Minister is approaching the podium..."


< the crowd begins to settle down as the Prime Minister enters the room, flanked by two military officers>


"Good evening. At 2317 local time last night, an element of the Northern Voobaha Air Defence radar detected a fast moving low flying object, approaching the coastline from the northeast on a bearing for Kellnersville. After civilian air traffic controllers determined this was not a scheduled commercial flight inbound, attempts were made to contact the craft on all civilian and military air frequencies with no response.


At 2320, the object entered our airpsace near the village of Pantho, maintaing course for the capitol.


At 2321, a pair F-101B jets from AFB Kellnersville were dispatched on intercept.

Radar at Kellnersville and the the international airport tracked the object as is slowed down over the city. But no visual contact from the was made.


At 2326, both jets reported tracking the object via on-board radar, but also were unable to make visual contact.


At 2329, the object turned west and accelerated to a very high rate of speed and left Northern Voohabian airspace by 2331.


At 2342, the two Air Force intercept jets discontinued the seach for the object, and returned for base. Both pilots are being de-briefed as we speak.


To this point, we are not able to classify the object that appeared over our country as friendly or foreign. Thank you."


<The PM steps quickly away form the podium as reporter shouted questions... the television reporter steps in front of the camera>


"Prime Minister Martin, admitted that an unknown object, possile of hostile intent, was tracked over Northern Voohabian and the capital, Kellnersville for a period of 8 minutes, without making visual contact. Two fighters were dispatched, also also could not make a visual sighting on the mysterious object, though it was detected via radar. So far, we're getting no confirmation from ground sources in the western counties on a sighting of any kind. If this story develops futher, we'll break back into programming with the latest. I'm Karl Beckstrom, NVTV News, at the Conclave.... "


<the image fade and is replaces by a older comedy movie. already underway.>

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if it's news to you, it's news to us.


Conclave Authorizes Defense Upgrades and Re-organization


Minister of Defense Reg White announced last night the authorization of over 15 billion royales to upgrade and re-orgnaize the national militia.


"This will be the first step of a lon-term effort to bring Nothern Voobaha's Security forces into the 21st century. Friday night's incursion into our airspace and the inablilty to track said offender is a perfect examble of the inability to conduct proper domestic security. ", White said.


He also outlined a plan to re-organize to re-vamp the military structure. Elements of the County Militias will be federalized under the Homehand Defense banner, which the Minister said will become equivalent of a standing army division. He hinted that other elements will also be federalized over the next 5 years until the Homeland Defense unit is of "a sufficient and proper strength." The minister declined to state an approximate number of the miliraty goal.


Minister White noted that the current Air Force will come under the Royal Navy's jurisdiction. He says this will give Northern Voobaha air fighters the legal authority to patrol coastal and internatioal waters. This move has come under sharp criticism from defense experts who lobbied for the former Air Militia to be branched off into a seprate unit upon NV's independence.


Arms contracts are being bid outside the PNV, as the Minister says that the new Homeland Defense wants to have the best equipment avialble.


The re-organizatio is expected to be complete within the next 60 days.



Blue Candle gets Favorable Draw on BoF


Northern Voobaha nation football soccer manager Andre Patterson says he's pleased with Northern Voobaha's Group 4 draw into the upcoming Baptism of Fire tournament. This marks PNV's first foray into full international competitive sport since the spearation from Voobaha The team departs for Rejikistan later this month.


Historians of Note in World Database

A team of historian from Northen Voohabian University campuses are working on what's being termed the "definitive history" of Northern Voobaha.


Dr. Mark Roberts, Dean of History at UNV-AnTir is leading the project, which is being written under the "NSWikipedia" banner.


"We fell that the collaberation of historians and experts from across the land will best be able to define the history, traditions and culture that in unique to the PNV", Roberts said in a phone interview.


The project is entitled "Explore the Principality", and is described as a constantly changing work, using 21st century techniology. A link is placed at the bottom of the page.

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**as the familiar and light five note chime plays at the top of the hour**


"RNV2 news at the top of the hour, I'm Christopher Jackson.


A high level diplomatic delegation is making last minute preparations for a conference on Weapons of Mass Destruction, to be held in Akriiyu.


RNV's Cooper Anderson has more from The Conclave."


"Anderson: Chris, Minister of External Affairs, Martin Kimberely will lead a team of four to the meeting. It came about after intense diplomatc debats over Gomaria's admission of the possession of chemical and biological weapon. Though defense and terrorism analysts agree that Gomaria is not a threat to regional security, many feel that the marketing of those weapons is a concern. Expect a non-proliferation traty to come of of these meetings. Cooper Anderson, RNV, at the Conclave"


" While Europan nations will be meeting to dicsuss the banning of certain weapons sales. Minister of Defence Reg White announced open bidding on a multi billion Royale contract to upgrade our military.


Among the items sought: over 200 thousand upgraded assault rifles to replace the again AKs in the Northern Voohabian army; a state of the art aircraft carrier and 20 planes fo launch from it. A defence analyst says those are the main items that domestic supplier can not offer."


"Prince Vox is back at the Royal Palace recovering after a fall off the back of a snowmobile in Heartland County. 'Fell off the back of a snow bunny is more likely", quipped Free Voobaha Party leader Rolf Updakke. "


"In sport, the Northern Voobahba national soccer team lost thier elimination round match in the Baptism of Fire tournament. The Blue Candle fell on penalties to Apologetic Kittens. Coach Andre Patterson feels confident on the Blues chances in the upcoming World Cup 26."


"At the hour, I'm Christopher Jackson, RTV2 News"






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