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Greetings from Northern Voobaha

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On behalf of the citizens and residents of the Principality of Northern Voobaha (PNV), greetings!


PNV is a principality which recently gained sovreignty and political independence after years of negotiations and unrest. Our people are peaceful, and their civil rights and freedoms are wide spread. The major industries here are tourism, and agriculture, though due to our liberal gaming laws, many lucrative internet gambling sites are now making their homes here.


Our government has a single house of Parliament (The Conclave), which Crown Prince Vox has veto power over. Likewise. decrees from HRH Vox also may be overturned by a 2/3 vote of the Conclave. Either can be overruled by the National Court, who is charged with upholding the spirit, not the letter, of the Citizen's Rights Agenda.


PNV's military is small (mostly units of the former Free Voobaha Militia), but slowly building.

(OOC: modern tech circa 1980)


We look forward to many generations of peaceful relationships and trade with our new neighbors and friends in Europa.


Pax et Blessed Be.


In Service to HRH Vox,

Martin Kimberley

Minister of External Affairs

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oioi welcome to Europa.


the Peoples Federation of Adaptus would like to help you in your nations Military development, from our private company Vickers Weapon Systems we offer cheap and effective weapons.

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On behalf of HRH Vox and the people, of the PNV....


A heartfelt thank you to all who have offered greetings, friendship and assitance to our emerging Principality.


To Haken, Tagmantuim and Kant: Greetings! We thank you for your warm and hospitable welcome. The PNV looks forward to years of growth and freindship with you.


To Xheng: We also thank you for your welcome and offer of joint military assitance. We do regret that at this time, we are unable to enter any arms-based leagues or coalitions. Our Cabinet will continue to take your offer under consideration for possilbe acceptance at a later date.


To Adaptus: We also thank you for recommending your military industires as a supplier to the PNV. As we refine and finalize our budget, we will contact you if you can be of assistance in upgrading our military.


And to Piralao: We thank you for your warm greeting. The official language of the PNV is English, with Voobahian (OOC: non existant language) used as an administrative language in some counties of the Principality. At this time, we are searching for a Portuguse translator to be placed in government service as an aide to future contacts and negotiations.



Pax et Blessed Be.


In Service to HRH Vox,

Martin Kimberley

Minister of External Affairs


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Minister Kimberley:


Greetings and salutations to His Royal Highness Vox and you from The Most Serene Republic of Low Down.


As another newly emerged state, I extend to you and your citizens friendship and my people's best wishes for your growth as a nation and people.


At an appropriate and convenient time, I would like to open discussions with you concerning possible trade and an embassy exchange.


Until then, please accept my nation's blessings.


Kind regards,



First Chair

The Most Serene Republic of Low Down

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