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Greetings from Sevrun

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Greetings, as I sent you all via regional telegram, I am Jacob Taren, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for The Principality of Sevrun.


I'm just stopping by to introduce myself, and I hope regional affairs go smoothly from here on in.





For ease of referance, I am making a copy of my introductory message to the region here:


Greetings and Salutations.


I am the Foreign Affairs minister of The Principality of Sevrun. Since we are now part of this region, I will be the one going over all your telegrams, proposals, etc.


Sevrun is still a relatively young country, having just established independance. Our leader is a monarch, and His Excellence is making great strides to keep our borders safe and secure.


Our primary import is luxury goods, and our primary export is arms.


That is all for now, I will post another message when it becomes necessary.

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