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Saturday December 3rd, 2005

Evening - 10:00

Argenio, Montanesi


Main Story


President's Approval Rating Skyrockets


After introducing himself and the nation on the worlds stage, President Giarrusso spoke to a crowd outside Congresso about the "Newborn nations" future.


" I believe Montanesi, in time, will become one of the most economically powerful nations in the world. With a stronger police force and military, Montanesi will be among the most powerful *including economically* in the world."


The President plans to pass The National Crime Bill that will reduce crime dramatically by establishing a stronger police force and building stronger prisons across the country. The bill will go into effect by the end of this month.


Along with his new Crime Bill, the President has promised "higher education standards" with his proposed plan to build atleast two schools, each consiting of grades Kindergarden-12th grade, in each major city across the country. He also plans to increase spending on Education as well.


"The President has shown great strength in the first months of his presidency. I believe he will guide our country in the right direction within the coming months" quoted Governor of Fontana, Giuseppe Vescio ® after the President's speech.


The President is expected to his announce his selection for Vice-President, of which he hasnt yet. The only President of his time to do so. Many beleive it will be Sen. Tommaso Capponi, Fontana ® or Gov. Stefano Recchia, Carnabianca ®.

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Sunday December 4th, 2005

Evening - 7:00

Argenio, Montanesi


Main Story


Governor of Carnabianca, Stefano Recchia, Chosen as VP


The President today, speaking outside The Presidential Mansion, revealed his choice for his running mate, the Vice-President. As to no surprise, Stefano Recchia was chosen and sworn in today as Vice-President. Being a long time friend to Giarrusso, Recchia was considered the top contender for the Vice-Presidency.


"I have known it all along. I wasnt surprised at all when Giarrusso chose Gov. Stefano as Vice-president. I believe the Giarrusso/Recchia ticket is a good pair. Although personally, I think Stefano should have been President and Giarrusso VP."

Sen. Alfonso Giordano ® of Argenio.


Speculation at the beginning of the receant elections where hoping a more experienced Recchia would be on the Conservative ticket for President. It came to a big surprise that Giarrusso, a one term Senator from Cerasoli, was chosen instead.


"Im proud to announce as Vice-President my good friend Stefano. Together, we will pave a road to prosperity to our new country." Quoted President Giarrusso near the end of his speech earlier today.


Other News


The United States Submits Application to Join The Coalition


The US Secretary of State, Joyce Messineo, met with officials of The Coalition today to speak about the US possible entrance into the alliance. It is not known yet if the US has been accepted or not.


"The President wishes that we join alliances to strengthen our friendships with other nations and allow for the protection of our young, weak nation."


This action comes after the President proposal for a stronger police force and military.


"Being such a small nation, we need all the help we can afford. Even if that means going to such lengths as joining new alliances so that other nations can offer us protection until we have established our own military." The President quoted today during his speech at the Presidential Mansion.


Affirmation of wether or not The US has been accepted or denied into The Coalition should be known ASAP.

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Friday December 9th, 2005


Argenio, Montanesi


Main Story


US Accepted into The Coalition:


After days of waiting, it was announced earlier today that The United States has been accepted into the Coalition. President Giarrusso showed his excitement for the news today at a speech in the Padrone Office.


" It is my esteemed privilage to announce The United State admittance into The Coalition. This move will bring greater security to our country, and make our presence in this world more noticable."


Optimisim about the event has been somewhat high, being that internal conflict within The Coalition has been apparent since the US submited its interests in joining.


" I have doubts about this so called "Coalition". I think it will do our country more bad than good. Joining an alliance like this will hinder friendships established with non-aligned nations that arent in that alliance. " said Sen. Severio Cianchetti (D)


Peoples opinion about this issue has been somewhat in favor of The President, seeing that crime is at an all time high in Montanesi and our military budget is so low. The President approval rating has risen steadily to 65% approving, 35% disapproving.

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Monday December 12th, 2005

Early Morning - 1:10

Argenio, Montanesi


Main News


President Unveils Plan to Tour Europan Nations, Xheng First On Nation List


President Giarrusso, in attempts to strengthen international friendships, announced today his plans to visit nations around Europa to talk with national heads of states about diplomatic topics and possible trade agreements.


"Joining the Coalition isnt enough. I plan to visit capitals across Europe and meet with Heads of State to discuss possible diplomatic agreements and new alliances."


The President's list of nations he plans to visit begins with Xheng, followed by Tagmatium, Adaptus, and Bhalman. No heads of state from any of the nations planned to be toured has given feedback yet on when these visits could take place.



Winter Storms Blanket Northeast with 10 inches of Powder


The violent Nor-easter that swept through the northeastern states last night blanketed the region with over 10 inches of snow. Some locations were hit with over a foot, causing problems on roads, shutting down schools, and leaving hundreds of thousands in the dark.


Forcast by this weekend shows a steady increase in temperatures across the nation, bringing temps close to 60 degrees as a high in San Felice where temps earlier today only reached the mid 20s.



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