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Expeditionary Force

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A fleet of 70 warships has arrived near The Chosen Nations, as an expeditionary force from the Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty. Amongst the fleet, are 20 AEGIS cruisers for anti-aircraft defense, and 6 aircraft carriers, 5 battleships and numerous cruisers, destroyers and submarines.


The purpose of this is to engage in wargame exercises against other coalition forces for training purposes. It is expected that the fleet shall also test fire new missiles and aircraft based projectiles at drone targets.


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Currently the Arch-Imperial Navy has more than 150 military warships larger and more powerful than standard corvettes. Amongst them are several dozen nuclear Aircraft Carriers, Battleships and submarines capable of nuclear attack.

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OOC: Xheng, not to be an arse or to pick on you but how the heck can your nation afford, man, and keep running "400 military warships larger and more powerful than standard corvettes. Amongst them are several dozen nuclear Aircraft Carriers, Battleships and submarines capable of nuclear attack"?


The expense, even for a country several billion strong would be huge. All I ask is a little bit of reality.


Equally, your ships can't just appear off the coast of TCN. where exactly are they and how did they get there? You need to rp them leaving port etc.

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OOC: I'm inclined to agree with Aki on this. It would take a long time of your stuff to round the whole of Southern Europa and reach the Chosen Nations.


I know it is hard to judge what size a military force would be of a lot of nations invoved in the NS world, as there aren't many nations of a comparable size in real life. Although you do admittedly spend a rather large amount on defence (24% of you national budget, according to NSTracker, it is unrealistic to assume you would be able to float such a large force and leave anything at home, force AND money wise. There are many good calculators for this sort of thing, and many crap ones as well. Keep in mind that there are other military arms as well as healthcare, welfare, education etc that your government also has to balance with defence. Also, remember that for every combat soldier/seaman/airman, there are at least another half-dozen, if not more, logistical staff to keep them supplied and equipped.


Plus, I'd rather the land just collapsed in on itself, and left to rot and become an empty, free plot for a new nation or expansion, rather than have any liberation.

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The Ide Jiman MOD released complete stats for the ships attending:



The Ide Jiman 3rd High Seas Fleet





Improved Atlas Class Battleship:1



Type - 14 'Raiden' Class CVN:1

Type - 22 'Acheron' Class Supercarrier:1

Improved Krechyet Class CVA:1

Ocean Class Helicopter Carrier:2



Improved Orlan Class Cruiser:3

Improved Ticonderoga Class Cruiser:1

Yamato II Class Battlecruiser:1



Jiangwei III Class:6

Murasame Class:6

Weihan Class:1



Total Number of smaller ships:


Frigates: 13

Corvettes: 12




Attack: 14

Missile: 1


The fleet today left Nanchang Combined Military Base, heading for the area designated by Xheng.



ooc: Better?

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3 Zhou-Class Aircraft Carriers

3 Xia-Class Aircraft Carriers


5 Xheng-Class Battle Cruisers


9 Chiang-Class Cruisers

20 Lui-Class Cruisers (AEGIS)


6 Sui-Class Conventional Submarines

4 Ming-Class Nuclear Submarines


40 Tang-Class Destroyers (Various Variations)

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If the offensive movement of Xheng's forces towards Seikan naval base does not stop - the Ide Jiman military will take action. In Seikan are three more fleets, along with the Akiiryan southern fleet. We reccomend that this threatening motion is ceased immediately - before our navy and airforce are forced to take action. This is reccommended, given the Ide Jiman military's considerable size advantage.

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Xheng has just threatend and Ide Jiman ally so we would rather that an entire fleet did not come sailing into our principle navy base. We would like to know what it is that Xheng is protecting us from - and why we even need protection.

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We think Ide Jima would find it hard pressed to find any threats of military action that The Arch-Imperium has made against Akiiryu...


furthermore, Ide Jima and the Arch-Imperium are bound by Coalition allegiance....therefore if anything Ide Jima is obligated to defend the Xheng fleet.


OOC: And Ide Jima, empty your mailbox, I can't send you anymore mail if its full.

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The Ide Jiman navy has been taken off alert. We would however like to request that the Xheng fleet do not enter the harbour. We would like to wait a while longer before conducting wargames, to the point where we know that the coalition is in a stable state.

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