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Emperor Dead

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***ABC news***


Good evening, I?m David McDonald.


Shocking news tonight as Emperor Vestian Artaratus, our proud Emperor died in his sleep. Doctors say it was of natural causes. Hartford Hall Released this Statement.


"It is a sad time for our nation, Vestian together with Prime Minister Ramsey battled the Fatherists to save us. He was exiled to the Protectorium after the New Age Liberals came to power in 1998. And rested since then. He led a full life, it was not in vain. It is sad to see him go. We had no warning of his death, he seemed fit and healthy yesterday, but as the doctors have told us, these things happen."


The whole nations had begun a period of morning for the great man. his body will be left in a state of morning for 4 days at Hartford Abbey, where it's doors will be open for the public to pay there respects.


Unfortunately Vestian never had an heir to his thrown, so the torch was passed to his closest relative. Young Charles Hollowfield. A young 28 year old man, recently married has accepted the responsibility as Formal Head of State. Young Charles was educated in Aston University in law, politics and History, hoping to become a local MP to help his county, now he has taken his new position with pride. Although he has decided to make one change. he has reverted the monarchy from Emperor Back to King from before the days of the Imperia Rebellion in 1920, so instead of being instated Emperor, the old Adapton Royal Headdress will be taken from it's chase once again, and he will be Crowned King of Adaptus. The Crowning Ceremony will happen in 6 days after Vestian's Funeral.


So. Farwell Vestian Artaratus, and congratulations Charles Hollowfield.


That?s all from the news tonight. I?m David McDonald, good night.

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***Statement from Hartford Hall (home of the monarcy)***


we would like to thank all nations for there condolences. Vestians body now lies in a state of peace in Hartford Abbey, he shall remain there for 2 more days, then he shall be burried with all the other great Adapton Emperors and Kings before him.


in a lighter note, Charles Hollowfield is setteling in to his new home, and soon his time will come to be Crowned King of Adaptus 2 days after the burrial of Vestian.


we thank you again.



John Anderson - Royal Spokesperson

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The streets were lined with bystanders from across Adaptus and from across Europa, as a horse drawn carriage waited in the middle of the road outside Hartford Abbey. behind it were 50 of the Emperor Guards, dressed in there best uniforms, and there rifles at the shoulder polished and gleaming, in front were 20 of the Emperors' Guard, and in front of them were 4 standards, one was the emperors standard, another was of the Emperors Guards Regiment, then other 2, the Adapton Hawk and Stars and the flag of Ashton, the region where Vestian was born.


A few moments later the doors opened on Hartford Abbey, and a parade marshal yelled, commanded his men to attention. Just then the bagpipers started to play, and the coffin was carried to the carriage. Once the coffin was onboard the procession started to move, as it moved forward, Vestian?s friends and officials followed on the rear.


It was a short procession, a couple of hundred meters down the road to Hartford Cemetery, and to the Crypt of where the Adapton Kings and Emperors of old rested. As the procession came to the gates of Hartford Abbey, the road became lined with large oak trees, and lush green fields on either side. In these fields sat the Federation Artillery Regiment, 5 guns on either side, and as the procession marched past the guns fired a 21 gun salute. And the bagpipes kept playing.


As they reached the cemetery, the gates were opened in the last second, and many more people waited inside the cemetery, they through roses into the path of the procession and cheered, Hail Vestian, for shall rain in the heavens. Then as the carriage halted out side the Crypt the undertakers gathered around the sides of the coffin, now draped in the Emperors Colours. the men lifted the coffin and marched toward the crypt doors, as they reached the doors, a general from the Emperors Guards and his 6 men awaited there arrival and drew the doors back, as the coffin passed the General saluted and the coffin disappeared down the stairs into the crypt, where all the great kings, Queens, Emperors and Empresses of Adaptus lay.

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Again the streets were lined with bystanders and police out side, and inside this time Harford Abbey. as a horse drawn carrige pulled up at the foot of the stairs to Hartford Abbey, the crowd awited. Out stepped Charles Hollowfield dressed in Royal clothing with a long red robe, lined with white fur. he stood up and looked around at the people who surrounded him, and slowly walked up the many stairs escoarted by four soldiers from now the Kings Guard Regiments. he walked up into the abbey, the large solid, doors were open, and hundreds more esteamed guests sat inside. the halls were decorated with gold, the floor and walls pure marble. the very pues the people sat in, lined with gold. Royal and Federation flags draped from the upper alcoves, and at one end of the abbey, just before the alter was a large solid gold and silver throne. Charles looked into the abbey again, lifted his head high, stuch his chest out, and took his first step into royalty. the second he set foot into the abbey, bugelers played and the croweds stood up. Charles continued walking, it seemed a mile long the walk, he looked around, at the walls and the huge stain glass window at the far end of the abbey, bepicting the first King of Adaptus after the regions were first united. Charles steped up to the throne, turned, and finaly took a seat. just then the bugelers stoped, then the Arch-Bishop stood up behind the throne. then he began to speak.


"today my friends, we witness the crowing of the first Adapton King since the Great Adapton war, we see our deer friend Charles Hollowfield become that power. he is our king, our lord, our leader. may his rain prosper, may his rain be great, may he inspire us, may he condem us, may he lead us."


He then was handed a large gold septar with rubys and sapphires on top representing Adaptus and another with a large peice of Jade stone on top representing Charles home region of Imperia, from a red silk pillow. and handed them to Charles, he then crossed them across his chest. then another red silk pillow was lifted with a large golden crown on, with a large dimond in the middle, a slightly smaller ruby the the right of it, and a sapphire, the same size as the ruby, on the left. the Arch-Bishop lifted the crown gently above Charles's head, and ever so slightly placed it ontop of his head. suddenly everyone stood up. and the Arch-Bishop then stood to one side, as Charles rose up.


"people of Adaptus, i give you, your KING!!".


once the Arch-Bishop said that the hall erupted with cheers, and the bugelers played again, Charles began to walk back down the marble walk way, as red and the famous Adapton blue roes petals fell from the roof. the croweds cheered, and there was a large smile on Charles's face, he walked up to the huge doors, wich were now closed, then they were opend, and once he stepped the croweds outside, roared in celebration, as more petals were thrown in his path, the same General who had saluted Vestians coffin, was now saluting Charles. as he came to the foot of the stairs, he stoped, took a slow look around, trying not to let the hugle heavy crown slipt to far to one side of his head. he looked at the people cheering him, and he thought to himself. these are my people now, i carnt disopoint them. then he continued down the stairs, back into the carrige which now was drapped in royal colours, and then the carrige roded off toward Harford Hall, and to a new era in Adaptopn history.....

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