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Actually, we've discussed this before. Can't remember for the life of me where, though. The RP guide-lines we have say this:

4) Time


One RL day = One NS year is how most people work it out. That?s all I have to say about Time.


It is commonly considered that one day in reality is the equivalent to one year in the roleplaying world. However, during times of war, players ofter slow it down, to facilitate and render it more realistic.

Which does strike me as rather unrealistic, as my current Emperor would have been reigning for coming on 300+ years.


I'm not sure, to be honest. I'd say anywhere between a week and a month for an RP year, whilst in most RP's events tend to happen consectutively, or they use the actually day when they are posted. For example, where I to have a naval force got to another area, and said they won't arrive for another day or so travel time, I wouldn't RP them arriving for another RL day or so. But then that's me.


I suppose we could use this thread to reach a consenus...?


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