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hey hows it going. im not realy good enough to be giving tips, but just get to know people, build your nation up, make friends and allies, please dont resort to war all the time, and above all have fun. and please tell us more about your nation ans your self. oh and have a browse around the RP sections see whats going on before you start posting, just to get to know whats what.


oh and i'm Adaptus, your friendly mate from the north of England (newcastle). also, if you need weapons visit Vickers Weapon Systems, in the RP trade HQ, then in the Military Trade area.


good day.

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during wars, you RP the situation, for exaple, check out the Tamurin Civil War, it's probabley the best example. alought it is a civil war. in a war between nations one person would say for example launch a bombing run on the other waring nation. a bit like this.


Waring nation #1:-

3 Vulcan bombers swooped over the capitol and droped their bombs.


then the opponent would RP a realistic reaction.


Waring nation #2:-

the 3 bombers struck their targets with deadly accuracy, over 20,000 civilians are estimated dead.


then the opponent would RP a retaliation, or if the opponent did not want war then they could RP peace talks..


Waring nation #2:-

in retaliation, the parachute regiment in hurcules transports and 3 escort squadrens took off from Fally Air Base, and set off for waring nation #1.


and it would continue untill you have a victor, and well if you loose, your at the mercy of the other nation, more than likley you will have to give up a bit of your land, or be forced to sign a treaty. so i hope this helps.

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