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Soccer Great George Best Dies

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Soccer Great George Best Dies at 59 After Decades of Alcohol Abuse.


LONDON Nov 25, 2005 ? George Best, one of the most dazzling players in soccer history who also reveled in a hard-drinking, playboy lifestyle, died Friday after decades of alcohol abuse, hospital officials said. He was 59.


The 1960s star for Manchester United and Northern Ireland, who had a liver transplant three years ago, had been hospitalized since Oct. 1 because of a reaction to medication to control his alcoholism. He appeared close to death last month when doctors discovered internal bleeding and put him on life support.




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one of the best footballers of his generation, if not the best, excuse the pun. however what makes me sad was the huge waste of his massive naural talent. alcoholism is a serious illness which only around 2% ever fully recover from unfortunatly, so if any good can come from his death, maybe it will convince others not to go down this path.

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I've only just seen this thread and I have to share a joke thats doing the rounds in Blighty...


'Police can confirm that George Best wasn't buried in Belfast as reported but admit the decision to cremate him in Hemel Hempstead may have been a mistake'. biggrin.gif


And I may not have liked the person he turned into, but he was a footballing legend.

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hmm, George Best was a very good footballer of his time, but as Europa said, he was way before my time, and all he was at his death was being a famous drunkard, i dont want to put down his footballing talent, he was very good when he played, but he just hasnt for a long long time, and oly remained in the newpapers for the last 20 years beacuse of his drinking habits...

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