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Xheng Expansion

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His Imperial Excellency, the Imperial Proxy of the Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty, Xheng Tan-Ging, has an official message to the people of the Arch-Imperium, as well as the people of Europa:


Today is another joyous day for the people of the Arch-Imperium. The territory that was known as "107" which is to us, the provinces of Han-Xheng and Shang-Xheng have been officially incorporated into our nation. Just a few weeks ago, the Province of Qin-Xheng was also created to accomodate those who were living on the Byzantine Novan border. Today, the Arch-Imperium is growing and flourishing.


The people of these three provinces have wishes on their own self-determination to join the greater entity of the Arch-Imperium. They have not been forced into submission nore have they been conquered. The march of the People's Armed Militia into their borders is to secure their societites against foreign imperialist annexation. We ourselves guarnetee their freedoms and the Arch-Imperium will never abandon these people."

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