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The Colony of Brawandi

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The territories of Brawandi became a independend some time ago...

In the first days of the revolution, Joseph Wemba was elected president, and Mbaba Mbebi became the country's first prime minister.

One year later, Mbaba already became president of Brawandi, after the Joseph Wemba was killed in a mysterious air crash.

Only two weeks later, he was succeeded by his son, Mbobo Mbebi, after his car fell of a cliff. Mbobo established a one-party state, and the MMP (Mbobo Mbebi Party) was the only political organization allowed.

Mbobo was overthrown in a military coup at the end of the same year. General François Bantuba assumed power, and made himself president for life, but died an hour after his inauguration. The second-in-command, Wibilla Koniba took over, and crowned himself to king.

Wibilla was ousted by the troops of André Bébé, and fled abroad. His successor, Emperor André, was deposed in a bloodless coup, led by the armed forces of General Jean-Jacques Wemba, son of the first president. Jean-Jacques Wemba organised democratic elections, and he became president. He formed a gouvernment, and his right hand, Jean-Louis Yorundu, became prime minister. The former dictators were brought to justice, and a new constitution was adopted.

A year later, an attempted military coup against President Wemba by rebel soldiers failed. With the aid of several troops of allied nations, Wemba secured victory. The presidential guard started a hunt for the former president André, who was believed to have been behind the coup. Only one week later, he was arrested, together with defence minister Pierre Abubu, who was believed to be part of the coup.

The last elections gave power to former prime minister Jean-Louis Yorundu, who stabilized the nation again.



Le Président de la République,

Jean-Louis Yorundu

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