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Army Life Is Just My Style...

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Well, at this particular moment, I am at one of those fancy Internet kiosks they have in airports, real spiffy and such, football game onthe tube behind me(that's the NFL, when I say football). I'm waiting for a connecting flight from here (Las Vegas) to Kansas City, Missouri. I'm currently on the Armed Forces Exodus, where all non-essential military personnel here in the CONUS (continental United States, including Peurto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii) are given 15 days to spend at home or wherever, most folks go home to spend time with family. Call it my job's "two-week's paid".

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*Blows off the dust*


So, talking about Army Lifestyle...


Yesterday we had a PCI. To the uninitiated, this basically means that the 1st Sergeant had us all line up in formation with all of our combat gear on to ensure that we had it all and had it on 'in accordance with established policy'. Where this so-called 'policy' is, I can't tell you, and as of this post I have never seen nor heard of such a policy as the 1SG was going off of ever being distributed, disseminated, etc.


And they wonder why rentention only works if you target people while they're overseas.


(Post-Inspection, me contemplating the past five hours and how much me and my Soldiers could've accomplished in that time.)


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