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My plan for the RP is that there is a vote in Plot#12 as to weather or not they should join TCN. They agree to join TCN, and troops are quickly mobalised, and transported to Plot #12. After Plot #12 is secured, TCN begins to build the inferstructure, and this is when Free Jihnu (Plot#12's Local Name) Now (FJN) begins a campaign of terrorist attacks. There is a conflict between FJN and TCN forces, with many TCN officers are killed, and units ambushed. TCN calls for help from The LT, and (hopefully) The LT interviene, and come to the aid of TCN. After a conflictr, with losses on both sides, FJN is eventually defeated, and Jihnu is brought back under TCN control. I'll not continue until we know what is going to happen to a large extent. I would be thankfull if nations that wish to interviene later, would speak up now.

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ooofff, hang on i just thought take a llok at this, awhile before your Exantion TCN




yeah i know it maybe my request, so i will have a hunt around in the rules before i make this final.


but also, if just relized, plot 12 is an inland plot far from your original plot, and i was told (i carnt remeber where from) that if you are colonizing an overseas area it must be on the coast.


and also, i have just realized again that plot 12 is above my nation, and a defanate (unless a new nation claims it) area of expantion for adaptus.


and to top it off, i'm not sure if i am happy with a terror war going on so close to my nation, as Adaptus has seen alot of it and he have only just, with the resent colonization of plot 102, queled CLF forces. and he have a good realation with the tribes in that area.


sorry this is a bit late but, i never relized where plot 12 was untill now.

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We've had issue with this before. Only stop a nation's plot claim if they leave Europa or cease to exist, not if they become inactive on the forums. As Abruzicstan is still in Europa, the plots are still his/hers'. Seriannan got annoyed with us last time a nation was removed through forum inactivity rather than the proper map rules.

7. You will be removed from the map if:

(1) your nation leaves Europa (exception made for TEA).

(2) your nations ceases to exist.

(3) you ask that your nation be removed from the map.

No exact timelimit can be placed on the actual removal. The mapmaker and RP community will decide on the faith of the nation in question.

Also, sometimes a player's nation will cease to exist through no fault of their own, but as they still actively role-play, their nation is kept on the map. This happen to Vanarambaion, as his PC doesn't like NationStates and other members who in the past cannot access NationStates through no fault of their own.

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