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A little bit about Terre DeAnge

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When you know what it is to weep at the sight of beauty; then you will know what it is to be D'Angeline.


Greeting fair nations of Europa,


Terre DeAnge has exsisted since shortly after the death of Christ. Native D'Angelines are decended from angels and the child born of the tears of the Magdalene (Mary Magdalene) and Yeshua ben Yosef (who the world knows as Jesus Christ) formed in the belly of Mother Earth. And this child was known as the Blessed Elua. And since the One God did scorn his grandson to mourn for his one true-begotten son eight angels went to Elua's aide when he was needed.


They travelled far and wide and finally settled in a land that was lush and fertile and the angels and Elua did have children with the natives there. And once the One God did take time from his mourning to look upon the earth he saw Elua and his Companions' scion were growing fast and decided to invite Elua and his compaions to His right side.


But Elua cut his hand and called his grandfather's heaven a bloodless heaven and so Earth and her once-husband, the One God, did create a world beyond this for Elua and his Companions. And this is the true Terre DeAnge, and Elua and his Companions went, only Cassiel looking back in sarrow. They did not pass through the gate of death.


"Generation upon generation, the blood of Elua and his Companions runs still in the veins of their descendants, each of whom will one day follow to the land that lies beyond. And though centuries pass, they do not forget, but call their land still after that further one, and keep always sacred the precept of blessed Elua, that is, 'Love as thou wilt.'


Such is Terre DeAnge."


Currently Terre DeAnge is lead by King Dandre de la Courcel, a direct decendent of Elua. He has four children and is married to Yessenia de Borb?n de la Courcel (related to the Borb?ns of Spain through Charles III). D'Angelines, as a whole, consider themselves earth's youngest children and because of that they honor all religions and do their best to not offend, though Elua and his Companions are held in their highest regard. They thought of conservative liberalist (if such a thing exsist) since they are very religious but their religion may seem a little strange compared to, say, Catholics. The angel Naamah laid with men to feed, clothe and save Elua from death. One form of worship, and honoring her sacrifices, is for men and women to enter the Night Court where they lay with paying patrons (men and women also). Terre DeAnge's precept is "Love as thou wilt". Which to you and I means if a man should love another man then it is all right. Same is for women and those that would be thought as straight and bisexual. With this freedom, however, there are no gay marriage laws mostly because those that have same-sex partners do not want to be classified in that category. They do not see themselves as gay, lesbian or otherwise. They merely only see themselves as followers Elua. Another is that Terre DeAnge have what other countries would terms as civil marriages save they are actually more closesly related to actual marraiges in rank than anything else.


OOC: On a side note, for those that do not know this. Terre DeAnge is based on Terre d'Ange of Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey. Most of the information comes from her books. Terre d'Ange, though, during her novels is in the Renaissance, while Terre DeAnge is our modern timeline. All characters in this timeline are mine, unless I say otherwise (such as Elua and his Companions). Figures in history will most likely be Ms. Carey's property, again unless I say other wise.

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