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Greetings from custard

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Greetings form the kingdom of cheesy custard.We like gerbils,custard and nothing else.We also all live in extremely large houses all in the shape of toilets and every family has a sewage farm in the back garden and a collection of various sizes of pigs called Ethel.Every third Friday of the month it is compulsory fancy dress day and all people go to work as a giant vegetable.All policeman must dress as a carrot and traffic wardens as aubergines.


When can we declare war on somebody and pillage their nation for gerbils?



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Two families suffered a terrible personal tragedy when Commander Estermann, his wife, and Lance Corporal Tornay died a violent death in the Estermann flat in Vatican City on 4th May 1998.



Our hearts go out to them. Our task is not to pry, but merely to state the facts that condemn Rome as the MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH, and act as a warning to others. The Sunday Times correspondent on Vatican affairs, John Follain, has now exposed a number of serious shortcomings in the Vatican?s handling of the situation.



It is interesting that Follain rejects the evidence, one might say the proof, that John Paul I was murdered. He may therefore underestimate the Vatican?s capacity for treachery. However, The Times is no medium for whispers. What is more, to remain an accredited representative of the Vatican press corps requires restraint. Thus, when the case of the Swiss Guard murders was re-opened after much lobbying in 2002, one Roman Catholic journalist cleverly presented the news as a field day for Vatican conspiracy theorists. At a stroke he had trivialised serious allegations.



Rome?s scandals are generally so well suppressed that often the real truth, when it emerges, proves to be more outrageous than what was suspected. But even the well attested facts of this bloodbath reflect badly enough on the Vatican.


Vatican sleaze sells in Rome



There has long been a small but active antipapal press in Rome. It serves the former Papal States and dates from the time of Garibaldi. Roman bookshops tend to pile the booklets up by the cash registers. They sell fast and command a good price. Roman society, weary as it is of the Papacy, delights in exposures of Vatican sleaze and the booklets sell like hot cakes. Unfortunately such cynicism, divorced from knowledge of the Bible, actually tends to close people?s minds to the Gospel and leads them to condemn all things Christian.



A year after the Vatican slaughter, the present writer noticed just such a publication fast disappearing in a large bookshop near Termini station. A slim 60 page paperback was selling well at 20,000 lire (about ?7). The full colour cover carried the official Vatican newspaper pictures of Lance Corporal Tornay at his swearing in ceremony, with an inset of Commander Estermann with his wife. The sensation of the case had faded, but Roman journalist Fabio Croce?s title was arresting ? Delitto in Vaticano, Cedric Tornay martire della chiesa cattollica. (Crime in the Vatican, Cedric Tornay, Martyr of the Catholic Church).



The preface was a panegyric against Rome. Roughly translated, Croce writes, ?After two thousand years of lies, the official priests of Christianity, that is the (Roman) Catholic church, pause, sailing in the sea of falsehood, to utilise the fruit of all of their cultural preparation necessary to the better deceive, with their next one (their next lie). And the last great lie was consummated on the 5th May 1988 (the day following the bloodshed) ? (Tornay) is destined to become the martyr of a world that was not worthy of his internal purity?. So Tornay is now a martyr!


The official story



The ?received? version of events was presented by lawyer Nicola Picardi, the Vatican ?promoter of justice?, to the examining Judge Gianluigi Marrone on the 8th February 1999. The Vatican announced the matter ?closed? for good, despite numerous inconsistencies. The Vatican insists that mid evening on 4th May 1998, Cedric Tornay arrived at the Estermann flat in the Swiss Guard barracks in Vatican City carrying his regulation gun. He entered the flat and twice shot Commander Estermann while he was on the telephone. Then turning to Gladys Romero he fired a third shot which missed, but he killed her with the fourth. He then knelt down and turned the gun on himself.


Italian Police excluded



Monsignor Alois Jehle, the Swiss Guard Chaplain, left the scene of the shootings to inform the Pope. (The scene was never inspected by the Italian police because of Vatican immunity) The Pope thought for a few moments, promptly judged the matter, extolled Estermann and placed the affair in the hands of Angelo Sodano the Secretary of State.



Rome had spoken. Tornay had murdered his Commander in a storm of rage and jealousy because Estermann, who had himself only been promoted to the rank of commander some hours previously, had deprived Tornay of his hard earned prestigious benemerenti medal for three years service. The quality of that service had already been attested by Tornay?s promotion to Lance Corporal.



The press featured John Paul II praying for the souls of the three deceased, lying in three similar coffins to emphasise that all men are equal before God. This photograph has been reproduced repeatedly around the world. However, a glance at the surroundings shows it to be a scruffy room being used as a mortuary prior to the final disposal of the corpses much later on. But even before this, by midnight, only three hours after the event, the dilettante Opus Dei Vatican press secretary Navarro-Valls, had issued a statement that the bloodbath was caused by a ?fit of madness? suddenly gripping Tornay. In the press briefing later that day, Navarro-Valls elevated this proposition to a ?certainty?. The judgement complete, the last rites could proceed.



Sworn to secrecy



Post mortems were hurriedly carried out by tame Vatican pathologists. Everyone involved is sworn to total secrecy forever, and forbidden to keep copies of any documents produced. The ?closure? report, Bollettino 55/99, made much of traces of a cannabis metabolite present in the urine but not in the blood. This, it was claimed, led to ?loss of insight?. The amount was far too small to indicate cannabis addiction and the effect if any would have been to calm aggressive impulses.



The pathologists also exaggerated the significance of a benign tumour in Tornay?s brain. The presence ?nel cranio del Tornay di una cisti subaracnoidea della grandezza di un uovo di piccione (cm 4 x 2.5) che aveva compresso e deformato la parte anteriore del lobo frantale celebrale di sinistra ed aveva partzialmente eroso la teca cranica? (in the cranium of Tornay of a (benign) subarchnoid cyst the size of a pigeon?s egg which had depressed and deformed the anterior part of the left frontal cerebral lobe partially eroding the bone). The pathologists seized on this with delight. Adams and Victor?s Principles of Neurology (McGraw Hill 1985) was quoted in a biased way so as to suggest that this chance finding, which probably had no effect on Tornay at all, ?was responsible for impairment of cognitive (thought) function ? and ? disinhibition of behaviour?.



By the same evening, in front of the high altar, in a packed St Peters, stood the coffins of Estermann and his wife. Estermann?s sword and white plumed silver helmet rested on his casket. Sodano conducted the service with maximum pomp. All the great and the good of Vatican City were present. After all, did not legend have it that hero Estermann personally sheltered the Pope with his own body when Mehmet Ali Agca shot the Pope on 1981? Prayers for the repose of the pair?s souls in purgatory continued several days. Meanwhile Tornay?s coffin, pointedly denied any military regalia, was privately shunted off to a lowly former grooms chapel in a ?corner? of Vatican City. The pope?s only fleeting public reference to Tornay over the whole period was to his coming appearance before the Lord on the Day of Judgement, ?to whose mercy? he entrusted him.



Protestant Mme. Baudet



Protestant Mme Baudet, Tornay?s mother, who had acceded to his Romanist father?s demand that Tornay be reared as a Roman Catholic, was not at home when the verdict was telephoned through, about 30 minutes after the discovery of the blood bath. An hour later the family priest, pre-empting even Navarro Valls, told her in no uncertain terms that, ?He committed suicide ? He killed two people?.



Rome prevaricated wildly to keep a Protestant female out of Vatican City. Mme Baudet was told that her son?s body was rotting, that his head had been ripped off and that any way all the hotels in Rome were full. When she reached Rome she discovered that none of this was true. She was given to hope that John Paul II who had so flattered both of them at Tornay?s Oath taking ceremony would see her, but he never did. Rome became more silent even than the grave. The Roman?s gossip died away. Perhaps the Vatican was right for once.



The shadow of Opus Dei



Then, following Rome?s official ?closure? in February 1999, Croce?s book hit town. Estermann, it emerged, was either close to or an actual member of Opus Dei. This had been the reason for the delay in Estermann?s promotion as those for and against fought behind the scenes. Estermann was a practising Romanist, as were many of the guard, whereas Tornay?s interest was simply military.



Switzerland is a culture that naturally accommodates Opus Dei. The German Swiss guards were the majority and were much like Estermann, devout, proud and through Estermann?s influence, potential recruits to Opus Dei. The French Swiss, such as Tornay, were considered inferior ?bumpkins? and expected to speak German Swiss. They were ruthlessly discriminated against when it came to extra duties and unpleasant tasks and they were given the last choice of off duty times. Tornay had told his mother that he was ?investigating? the hold of Opus Dei on the Swiss Guard.



A dark Vatican secret



Another Vatican sleaze booklet by sodomite art historian Professor Massimo Lacchei, Verbum Dei et Verbum Gay (The Word of God and the Word among Sodomites) was also published about the same time. Not only did it unmask one of the Vatican City?s most carefully suppressed secrets, homosexuality within its walls, but it indicated that the Swiss Guard were involved. The details are unprintable. The book gave the names ?Major Jorg? and ?Lieutenant Kaspar? to the couple, but Lacchei announced on the day of the book?s release, that their true identities were Estermann and Tornay. It sold so well that a reprint appeared within 10 days.



Suffice it to say that Follain?s careful investigation, taken as far as he could in the face of Vatican silence, showed that Tornay was heterosexual and popular with women although far from chaste. Estermann had clearly married hastily, early in his own career, having been advised that if he remained unmarried, he would never progress in the Swiss Guard. It seems that Estermann was a promiscuous sodomite who preyed on the young soldiers. He almost certainly had a two-year affair with Tornay and then ended it.



Follain also discovered that young soldiers are regularly preyed upon by senior Vatican sodomite priests. Lacchei is quoted as saying, ?I see the Swiss guard as a kind of hot-house, whose flowers are picked by homosexual bishops and cardinals. People in the Vatican tell me the Guards supplement their tiny wages that way.?



So if we accept the suicide theory, we can easily imagine why Tornay snapped after three years in the Vatican system. He arrives in Rome full of ideals as a military man. He finds the wages low, the glamour over exaggerated, and the off duty minimal. He discovers he is being severely discriminated against by his seniors in general and Estermann in particular, because he is Swiss-French, and not a devout Romanist. He also discovers the hidden sodomy and allows himself to be entangled to curry favour with Estermann.



Tornay is now in favour with Estermann. He is promoted to Lance Corporal and no doubt prospers financially thanks to the attentions of Bishops and Cardinals. Then Estermann drops him, and all the discrimination revives. He thinks that exposing Estermann?s links with Opus Dei could perhaps help him reverse the setback. The last straw is Estermann?s refusal to award him the benemerenti medal as Tornay seeks to cut his losses and flee back to Switzerland. This is hardly a sudden ?fit of madness?, but rather three years of slow seduction by the Scarlet Women sapping his moral fibre until he can take no more. The Vatican broke him. Rome never changes.



But another theory is gaining ground. Could Tornay actually have been assassinated? It seems fantastic, but his mother and her top class lawyers think so. One must bear in mind the picture of Rome in the Book of Revelation. And we must not shut our minds to the possibility that he was assassinated just for fear of being ridiculed as conspiracy theorists. We shall return to consider this in the next issue, DV.





Email: eips@btopenworld.com








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