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Holy and Chosen Empire of The Chosen Nations is planning to expand. Territory #12 will become part of The Holy and Chosen Empire. Firstly troops from TCLD will be transported by TCAiF and TCNa to secure the area. After the boarders and hostile areas are secure and basic military instilations have been built, we will begin to construct the inferstructure. Soon we hope to have Territory #12 populated, secure and under TCN rule. If there are any objections would they please be sent in a secure comunique directly to TCN, and then a solution can be reached. TCN will defend it's right to expand and any attempt to halt this progress with the use of force will be repelled. TCN welcomes nations to express their views about this subject, and will listen to all nations that wish to speak. It is not our desire to begin a conflict over this expansion.


TCN EDIT: Spelling (OOC: Is red okay for my EDIT colour?)

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Clemintine sat down. There was overcrowding all over TCN, and he had only one option. He did not like invading land, but it was his only option.

"Begin the invasion of Plot#12. Use all force necissary, but DO NOT use chemical, biological or nuclear weapons without my explicit command. Usual rules of engagement apply. You know what to do."


"Yes, Sir" The TCAF general walked our of the room, and began preparing the troops. TCAiF would transport them into Plot#12 and provide air support. They would be based at Uplant Air Base, and be on call 24/7. The Hypersoar Jets could get to Plot#12 very fast. TCLD would be used for the invasion. Reports has shown that the are was inhabited with only a few backward natives. They would be given some land if they were peaceful...if not, then the only land they would get was that land they would be buried under.


(OOC: We could have the natives fighting back, if anyone else wishes to participate)

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Okay, fine. Two questions though:


1, given that the TCN is pretty much bloackaded by alliance shipping how you going to get you guys there? Planes aren't going to be be enough to move in an invasion force (nice term...way to make yourself look bad), especially if the country is "backward" (airstrips probably won't exist, not to mention few planes can carry the materials needed).


2, What the hell is hypersoar? Godmode tech methinks.


Oh, in the future you might want to tone down the language...you're asking for a conflict. Subtle dipolmacy works better...




TO: The Nations of Europa.


The Sublime Principate wishes to know on what grounds the TCN claims plot 12. This land has no historical connection to TCN, and is populated by a culture vastly different from that of the TCN. Given the history of the TCN The SPA habours serious concerns about TCN's designs on this territory and for the safety and well being of its native people.

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OOC: Having discussed it with Tag we have decided to exclude the Hypersoar from the TCAiF. It will no longer be used by TCN.


What claim did the Romans have to all the land they took?





From: TCN


TCN is an ancient race, and consitis of many different races and nationalities (OOC: much like USA) from around the world. One of the ethnic minorities in TCN (The Surds, 8.65% of the poulation) have strong roots in Plot#12.

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OOC: None, and that's why people fought back and other empires had a go at them as well...Also keep in mind that states in the 21st century is a little more sophisicated when it comes to claiming territory than many people during the Roman period were.




The inconsistances of in your statement of explanation indicates that your claim to plot 12 is based on nothing of substance (OOC: TCN, the explanation you have made is illogical to say the least...its like New Zealand claiming Prussia because my family comes from there. I won't even touch the race thing...). As of this time the SPA is stating its opposition to the TCN's expansion into plot 12.

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