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The territory known as Territory 148, has recently been flooded from the south by Byzantine Novans from the south west, and Han settlers from the north east. A combined census taken by the Xheng Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship has recently come up with an astounding poll:


50% support joining the Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty

50% support joining the Grand Empire of Byzantium Nova


The demarkation line running straight from the North-East to South-West of the nation shows that the population split is 100%. In fact, south of that line, 100% of the population polls show that Byzantine Nova is the prefered government. The opposite end shows that the Xheng Dynasty shows huge favor.


The result?


An even partition line, Territory148 shall be divided equally between the two great nations. In addition it is concured that the split forms a territory far to small to normally accomodate huge population growth of 500 million per nation, so the nations will still claim more territory as they grow, the split of 148 won't be considered a territorial-population growth.

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OOC: i'm fine by this, only as long as you claim small plots as your main expantion plots.

OOC: The problem with that is that the territory is far too small to be appropriate in size for an expansion-population plot. And not only that, we both aren't even getting the whole land, we're dividing it in half. We're talking about 500million people settling for an expansion area, and certainly half of 148 isn't big enough for that. Which is why this is a bit difficult.

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OOC: I can only speak for my own nation but I plan to expand it one more time when it reaches 1.5 billion. 4 spots is the maximum, so I plan on using that. May I also ad that nations can RP a war against this annexation, but note that Byzantine Nova and the Xheng Arch-Imperium are neighbors, sharing borders, likely to be allies.

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OOC: Six is the maximum, four is what I would prefer, but the majority of opinion is against me.


Plus, there would be no point in RP'ing a war against the annexation, as most nations would be rather quickly ground into the dust by Byzantium Nova and Xheng combined.


Also, a lot of the time, neighbouring nations are more likey to be enemies, and most wars were started over borders than anything else. I'm not saying you should be enemies.

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ooc: I was unaware there was a maximum, I thought the rate at which a nation expanded was the only limit? Anywho, I'm not too bothered, I'm only taking up 3 plots at the moment.

ooc:Yes , I also only requested 3 plots . I find that it had to be the maximum, is just and a reasonable demand. It is my opinion.

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I don't. The fact is:


6. You can change the borders via RP:ing. (if border is against empty slot do not make too big annexations for this reduces the changes for new countries to have the slot they want. Empty slots are primarily for them. If the border is against another country however you can RP the changes as large as you wish if everyone concerned is agreeable.


Basically, if a nation kept expanding, it would swallow a large proportion of plots, which are, as the Map Rules say, primarily for new nations. So, that is why there is a maximum.


Also, if a nation is claiming an overseas plot for expansion, I'd prefer it if it was one with a coastline. It stands to reason, as how else would it be accessed? Also, to colonise an over-seas plot, it must be RP'ed. If there's a war or political debate over it, the colonising nation must be victorious. If it is defeated, militarily or otherwise, they do not keep that plot. It is lost to them and may be claimed by another nation or left empty.

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Since the rules state 1 territory / 500million that means a nation of 5 billion has 10 spots to occupy....


now again, within reason there is also a size to certain territories. I occupy 3 spots, so does Mendesia, yet my nation in size, is much larger. Thats because the territory sizes are larger. Maybe before, they should have a standardized grid system that would have made nations more equal in proportion to their population.


I think 10 spots is a bit too big, right now. I think the max should be 6, until nations grow simply too big to contain. Then again a nation with 5 billion should be large in size as well as military power. I guess its a debate.

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The territory of 148 has lead to some small discussion on the size of territories and nations. Some nations may be huge in territory, but small in population while others are vice versa.


Should there be a limit?


I think there should be a set of rules of course, but there are always acceptional cases that should be mediated fairly.

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MODcomment: I merged the 2 threads (the one in Political and the one in OOC) and moved it to the Map section.



Should there be a limit?

I think there should. Otherwise, with a continuously growing population, we would need to keep enlarging the map, again and again.. which isn't really feasible.


I think there should be a set of rules of course, but there are always acceptional cases that should be mediated fairly.

There're some rules about the map, not to punish people, but more indicative, to make things go more smoothly.


There're open for debate, if the majority here thinks something should be changed, and the map-maker agrees, then I see no problem why not.


The territory of 148 has lead to some small discussion on the size of territories and nations. Some nations may be huge in territory, but small in population while others are vice versa.

Nope, this problem should be prevented by this:

20 - 500 mln + 5 posts: 1 lot.

500 mln - 1 bln: 2 lots.

1 - 1,5 bln: 3 lots.

1,5 - 2 bln: 4 lots.

2 - 3 bln: 5 lots.

3 - 4 bln: 6 lots.

Though I understand what you're trying to say.. I have to admit, in the beginning of the map, the plots were bigger. People like you, with a huge population, but who arrived here more recently, have smaller plots to pick from, then those with an equally large population but who arrived here sooner and got to pick larger plots.



I think that the maximum shud be raised

Please support your statement with the reasons why you would want it to be raised. As you have currently 1 plot, the maximum of 6 is still far away. You've just become a 500m-nation, thus you need at least another 2,5 billion to get the maximum. Which means you're still more then a year from reaching it (since it takes about 3 months to get a 500 million). Why on earth would you want the maximum to be raised?


I believe in the end, The Supreme Court (not yet established; see Constitution Drafts and Edits) should make the final decision.

I think it's premature to contract tasks out to something which doesn't excist yet. Furthermore, as I said in the Constitution thread, I believe a court shouldn't meddle with RP affairs. A court should only be there as a means to settle disputes, so we can have a trial if someone broke the Constitution..



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I agree with EE on this. RP rules should be common rules, made by the majority of the RP-players, supervised by the RP mods...


In the past, we've agreed on a maximum of 6 lots to prevent gigantic nations who take all space and leave new players with nothing. It's still a good rule. Plus - size doesn't equal power - just think of Great Britain and its Empire in the 19th century...a very small homeland and gigantic colonies...much more powerful than the US, India or China...

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ha ha to back your statment up Tam, India and the east part of the U.S were part of the British Empire. i would have to agree with the 6 plot maximum, and new nations do have large plots to choose from. there was a small rule i followed when i expanded the map. smaller plots on the cost, but larger plots inland, and most of the inlad plots are large. a new nation can choose a large inland plot, then expand to a coastal plot. i also follow a small rule when creating a new plot, and that is, the area which is in a major demand for example the cenral paninsula, has smaller plots than a area with a lesser demand. or if a plot is has a large amount of islands next to it then the main land plot will also be small. there just a few things i follow.

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