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Are French riots spreading throughout Europe?


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Are French riots spreading throughout Europe?


After nights of violence in France, European cities fear riots could cross borders. London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Brussels and other cities with large immigrant populations are on the lookout for any signs of the type of urban unrest that has engulfed Paris and other French cities. So far there have been only isolated reports of wanton violence beyond France's borders -- five cars set on fire in Berlin on Sunday night and six in the western German city of Bremen. In Belgium five cars were also set alight on Sunday.

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So far, nothing indicates that the French riots are spreading. There have been some isolated incidents in Berlin and other major cities in Germany, but this is no comparison to the large riots in France. 6 cars in Berlin, 1 in Cologne...in France we're talking about 500 - 2000 per night.


According to the Berlin Police Department, these incidents are just copies of those in France. But since the social situation is a lot different here than in France (and none of our ministers for internal affairs are talking about "cleaning the streets with high-pressure pumps" or something like that), there is nothing to worry about. The situation will calm down.

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Read an interesting article in a paper today. It was pointing out that the french culture of everyone being french and the republic being "colour blind" (no census data on immigrants, no checking for anything related to race - don't ask as everyone is a frenchman) has not worked in the modern era. Just because the state says there is no need to ask doesn't mean that racism doesn't happen and in fact not asking means it can happen easily. There was an example of the same cv being sent twice as applications at 100 firms, one with a french name and one with an arabic name. There were 75 interview offers for the french name and 12 for the arabic.

I don't see it spreading to the UK. The social situation is very different and the tensions in our sociey are along different lines.

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