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The Dictatorship of Coruponia

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The Dictatorship of Coruponia is proud to have just become a member of the Europa Region. The Dictatorship lead by his Divine majesty King Robert John Powell the First Will do whatever it takes to uphold the laws of the Region at the same time as fighting to keep its own civil laws in place.


Although Robert John Powell would like to keep his own soverign laws intact, he is willing to bend and change a few to uphold a relationship with other nation states in the region of Europa. Below is an introduction to the nation and peoples of Coruponia.


The peoples:




The Truronians make up around about 25% of the populous of Coruponia and revel in their divine heritage. Robert John Powell, is the most outstanding of the Truronians and is the leader of the country. Truronians can hold any position in business, the military, governmental positions within the dictatorship and civil jobs.


They get the best pay and are treated with the utmost respect. There are no Truronians below the upper working class and they have the best houses. They are stalwort citizens and respect their leader. No one complains. They have the most power if and when a political decision is sent out to the public for consdieration.



The Falmothians make up around about 50% of the populous of Coruponia and are the main workhouse of the Coruponian state. Falmothians can only hold mid-level business jobs, low officer ranks in the military, and low ranking civil jobs.


They get a mediocre pay salary and are looked down upon by the upper class Truroians. They get to live in terraced houses and bungalows that are built at a medium cost to the government. They cannot own their own houses, have very little say in governmental decisions if and when they are sent out to the public. There are no Falmothians above the middle middle class and around 10% live belkow the poverty line.




The Various others consist of a sub standard group of peoples and make up the other 25% of the population. These consist of immigrants, ex Truronians and Falmothians who turned to crime and were rejected by there own peoples, and a sub race of Coruponians called Homners. These various others can only hold menial jobs such as janitors, street cleaners, bin men, soldiers (who are badly treated) and contain the only unemployed in Couponia. These claim state benefit which is literally just enough to clothe, feed and house you.


These various others get the lowest salaries,are spat upon by the Truronians and looked down upon by the Falmothians. They live in over crowded tower blocks and cheaply built houses and cannoit own their own houses. They have no say if and when a political decision is sent out to public vote and are all lower class with 75% of them living below the poverty line with 10% living way below the poverty line and the other 15% earning just enough to get by.


The Nation:


The nation of Coruponia is split into 3 distinnctive sections around 3 capitals. There is Truro, the main capital and the center of the dictatorship. This is where the palace is located.


Falmouth is the municipal capaital of Coruponia and contains the military headquaters. This is where military decisions are made and when in place, marshall law is in force.


Hom, is the capital of the county of Greengarden and is where most business headquaters are situated.


The city names are where the different races names in Coruponia are derived from though that does not mean that all Truronians live in truro or come from truro.


The government is split the following way:


Soverign leader: his Divine majesty King Robert John Powell I

Advisor to the soveriegn Leader (and chief diplomat): Alex Harmer

Military Advisor to the Dictatorship (and Grand marshall): Giles Smith

Business Advisor to the Dictatorship: Phillip Pugh


Although the final decision on any law or act of war is the decision of his Divine Majesty King Robert John Powell I his advisors decide wether its a good idea to do certain things. Once the decision to go to war has been made, all further decisions in that department are made by the Grand Marshall Giles Smith. This includes the use of non-conventional weapons although at present Coruponia has no non conventional weapons or any plans to attempt to buy them or to create them.


It is the job of the Advisor to his divine majesty to report on what is going on in the country and on international relations. He doubles up has the chief diplomat and has the final say in any diplomatic decisions to be made. He can also give advice on wether to go to war with a country or not dependant on how relations with a country are going.


The diplomatic Core is laid out as follows:


Chief Diplomat (and advisor to his divine majesty): Alex Harmer

Diplomatic council: A council of the five top diplomats, chaired by Alex Harmer

Diplomatic Core: This core contains 5 sections each section controled by a diplomat on the council. Each section contains 50 - 100 diplomats who could each be working with 3 - 5 countries at a time once diplomatic ties are created.


The business Advisors job is to report to his Divine majesty how the economy is doing, which business' are failing and need to be liquidated or taken out by hostile takeover and which business' are making the most money for the country and need to be taxed more. Phillip pugh was chosen as the leader of Pizza2Go, the biggest chain in the pizza delivery service, the most promanant sector in the business sector of Coruponia. He always has to watch his back because if a nother business beats his business he will loose his position.



This dcoument has been an offcial release from the Dictatroship of Coruponia. Thank you for reading.

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Here is a rundown of the official statistics for the Economic standpoint of Coruponia:


Government Budget Details

Administration: $0.00 0%

Social Welfare: $0.00 0%

Healthcare: $0.00 0%

Education: $0.00 0%

Religion & Spirituality: $0.00 0%

Defence: $2,183,702,062.50 19%

Law & Order: $6,666,037,875.00 58%

Commerce: $2,643,428,812.50 23%

Public Transport: $0.00 0%

The Environment: $0.00 0%

Social Equality: $0.00 0%


Coruponia Economic Statistics

Exchange Rate: 1 corup = $1.3003

Gross Domestic Product: $136,604,538,877.65

GDP Per Capita: $27,320.91

Unemployment Rate: 2.77%

Consumption: $126,250,000,000.00

Government Budget: $13,521,375,000.00

Government Expenditures: $11,493,168,750.00

Goverment Waste: $2,028,206,250.00

Exports: $15,908,792,002.65

Imports: $17,047,421,875.00

Trade Deficit: $1,138,629,872.35



The most prominent business in Coruponia at the moment id the pizza delivery sector creating a lot of jobs and money for the government through donations from the business's


Next comes a big export industry, the cheese business. Coruponia is well know for its cheese business with each county having their own specila cheeses which are eaten within the country an exported.


Lastly is the arms industry. Coruponia produces enougha rms to arm its entire army in one year AND ship about a million hand held weapons and greandes as well as suits etc. These are sold by the government AND NOT by private business'.

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