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The Long War

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Spring 1932
Palatial Boulevard, Serekan

The crowd of industrial workers slowly made their way down the Palatial Boulevard. It was a sunny spring day in the Ide Jiman capital, and rains the previous night had turned the dust to mud in the city. They had come to protest over low wages, and the banning of trade unions. Having heard of 'communism' in the north, the Emperor had taken this demonstration to be much more serious than it really was. 500 yards ahead was the palace gatehouse, inside were 50 troops of the Serekan city guard - armed with Enfield 1913 pattern rifles and Schwarzlose machineguns.

As the 1200 or so demonstrators crossed the last intersection in the road leading up to the palace gatehouse, the troops inside loaded their weapons. From a window in the palace, the emperor looked on. This had not been a good year for Emperor Mitsuhiran III, many people had felt that his leadership skills were overshadowed by his father's and that the circumstances around his rise to power were suspicious.' If these demonstrators don't stop, then this will be another blow to my integrity as leader' he explained to an advisor next to him, as he watched the labourers come closer.

'Should I give the order?' asked an officer in the room... "Yes" snapped the emperor back at him "Very well sir", Said the officer leaving the room. From the window, the emperor watched a signalman raise a flag which was seen by the gatehouse, which lifted a red flag in acknowledgement. The signalmen raised a gold flag, and the gatehouse opened fire.

The crowd scattered instantly, with many being left to die in the mud, which ran turned to a red slush in the ground before the gatehouse. From this point on, not only did many people in Serekan dislike the emperor - they hated him.

The news of the massacre spread quickly, and set emotions rising. Something was happening in the north, though - which the monarch and his troops found very disturbing. From Serekan it looked as though three men had taken advantage of the discontent, and proclaimed themselves Marshalls of a people's republic. Reports showed this as only being a low key threat, just a couple of crackpots trying to get one up on the emperor. These three men had more support than the royalists thought.

The three 'marshals' were Chang, Ryuzen and Zatoichi. Another Marshal had yet to emerge, but that man was a drunk from the Streets of Kherson, named James Mortimer Crane.

3 weeks later
The imperial palace, Serekan

"Your highness, we found this in a cinema... it is most disturbing..."

"Hmm?... well play it, I want to see how disturbing this is"...

The film was clearly very poor quality, and there was no sound - but the pictures spoke for themselves. A hammer and a sickle flickered up onto the wall, it then transpired this was a flag and the camera panned round, to show hundreds of men - marching, wearing red star armbands. Now a message was written on the screen - "Ide Jiman Proletariat, do not make yourselves slaves of the fat royalist pigs, Power to the People, Down with Mitsuhiran! RISE WORKERS RISE!"... The screen flickered and went dark as the reel ended.

"See, your excellency - this is very dangerous, we need to act!"

"Yes, draw an army from the northern provinces, and send them to guard Morutau - as I hear that is where the problem lies".

1 week later

After a week, an inconsistent force had been enlisted from the northern Shoguns. A well equipped but poorly organised force, who were more loyal to their local Shogun than their emperor. Five Shoguns had contributed troops, and now the 1500 were moving into Morutau on the Darhan-Morutau railway. In the meantime word spread internationally of what was happening in the Ancient Kingdom of Ide Jima...

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  • 2 weeks later...

First news of riots

Going ashore had been the best thing for him. He needed time off, and he wouldn't get it on that clanking ship.

He woke early, but not too early, savoring his sleep. A servant at the Hall had prepared tea, a small breakfast, and a newspaper, and he enjoyed it all. Outside, he could see his ship at dock.

And on the front page of the paper was a headline about the riots in Ide Jima...

Later on.

"Congratulations, Colonel, on your promotion."

"Thank you, Senator. It is an honor to serve my country. I'm surprised that you have come to such a simple ceremony."

"Colonel, you are young with some experience abroad, but you are wise. We need some strategics now that our army if our army is to contend on the world stage."

"Of course, Senator."

"I wanted to tell you are being assigned two regiments."

"Two regiments?"

"Yes. You would have found out anyway, logistics has stepped up performance. You are going to be our leading commander of our new, reorganized army. Of course, there will be other regiments in the division, but you will be number one."

"It is an honor..."

"You may be wondering why I've come to tell you this. The troops have been trained, but I want you to spend a few weeks with them. Get them up to full speed. Deltannia's going to make a move, and I think I know where."

He went up to the globe on the desk. None of the other guests of the ceremonies paid attention as the senator pointed his finger at a country now in chaos.

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(ooc: phew, thanks - I thought this thread was going to go the same way as the IJAF's lead balloon project.)

Moratau city square

The emperor's nephew rode at the head of the column of troops entering the city. It appeared life was progressing as normal there, and that the communists had not changed a thing. Upon reaching the town hall, the royalist troops forced entry and established an HQ. The troops (armed with Lee - Enfield Mk5 rifles) smashed windows and upturned tables in the town hall and surrounding buildings. Outside in the square people gathered to see what was happening. The royalists busied themselves with looting valuables from the town houses whilst a few officers went on patrol to see what they could find, they made one fatal flaw, they forgot to patrol to the north, in the harbour.

Off the coast

The ship The Jolly Mary was flying the flag of Sevrun (ooc: I picked a random nation) but it's crew didn't look like they came from Sevrun. The real crew had died three days ago, when communists hijacked it in open water. Now 300 communists waited in the dark hull of the boat...

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Emperor Trestianus VII had know about the happenings in Ide Jima for a while but he had other matters to attend to. Now he had decided to take action.

The Kingdom of Adaptus had only been around since 1844. Young and eager, they had not really taken part in the worlds stage due to problem at home. But now they were ready. The Kingdom was ruled by Trestianus. His right hand man was Prime Minister Graster. These were the days were the monarchy had the final say.

Trastianus had went to visit his ace General at his Regiment HQ with Graster. It was the Royal Imperial Cavalry Guards. They still used horses to some extent, but elements did have some Mark 4's. Today the Emperor was being shown round their shooting ranges by General Franklin.

"Ah yes General the troops are in a smashing condition. Looking champion."

"Why thank you, your majesty," replied the General, and here are the troops firing there Lee-Enfiled No.4 Mk 1 rifles."

A volly of shots rang out through the ranges.

"Ah great, but Franklin you know why i am here."

"Ah but i do sir, the current situation in Ide Jima."

"Correct, Sir. I think it is time for our policies to reach the world stage, we shall wait for now, and see what develops, but i want to give your lads extra training, as i want you to be the first in if military action is needed. i hope your aren't needed, as i hope this can be resolved political, but this is our first venture onto the global stage, so i don't want to take risks."

"Yes sir will do."

"Good good".

The three men carried on the tour while a series of Vickers (hey hey just the right company too lol) Machine Guns opened up the range.

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TO: Imperial Palace, Ide Jima
FROM: President Wasserhovel, Tamurin
RE: Incident at the palace gatehouse

Dear majesty,

the Republic of Tamurin recognizes the sovereign rights of the Empire of Ide Jima and we recognize the rightful claim to the throne of the imperial family of Ide Jima. The Republic and especially my government recognizes the need to defend the people from communist influences. The history of the social-democrats in Tamurin is a long history of struggle against conservatives on the right and communists on the left.

But a massacre against demonstrating workers is not something that we can support. We condemn this act of cruelty. The very good relations between Tamurin and Ide Jima are in danger if this kind of brutality becomes "normal procedure" in the Empire.

A political struggle against the communists will be supported by my government. But you should know that not every demonstrating worker is a communist. Many of them may have personal problems the communists point out. But the communist way is not the answer. It is the task of every government to make that clear. But shooting the own citizens is not the way to do that.

I hope that you will value my words.


President Wasserhovel

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Off the coast of Moratau

The Communists in the hull of the boat had waited till nightfall. Outside they could hear royalist troops laughing, money jangling as it was counted out, a woman screaming...

"Now we attack" Said the leader, Who was wearing a Shutzmann style helmet which was painted black (it was hard to tell in the dark) with a red star painted on the metal and clutching a Bergmann MP 18.1 SMG. Most of the other communist troops did not have such luxuries. Many had helmets - a mixture of Schutzmann style, old British helmets and a few crudely home made ones. Most were carrying effective Karabiner 98K rifles, stolen from an arms shipment to one of the northern warlords.

"Hey," he said, hitting one of the communists in the arm as he got a grenade ready... "we go quietly at first..."

In the city of Moratau

The large force crept on to the deck of the boat. Most moved silently down the gangplank, whilst others slid down the guideropes to the shore. A couple of royalist sentries were done away with quietly, by means of a knife to the throat, whilst others got into position in buildings.

The silence was blown when three communists came across five royalist troops looting a house. They entered, there was broken glass and pottery all over the floor, and a young girl crying in the corner. The royalists all dropped what they were holding - and one drew a Mannlicher model 1903 pistol. He fired. Everything outside went into uproar as the penny dropped for the royalists in the town centre, and subsequently found themselves subject to a barrage of fire from the docks.

The man had killed a communist in the house. The bullet had gone straight through the man's makeshift helmet, but he was too slow with the pistol for the others. One of the two remaining communists emptied off a Bergmann MP.18.I into the royalists, killing or injuring nearly all of them. His companion wheeled round to the door to see about 50 royalists running across the square, seeing one occasionally being picked off by a stray bullet from the docks.

The firefight raged long into the night... by the end the battle was inconclusive. Many communists had fled. About twice as many royalists had died - including the emperor's nephew, killed by a grenade explosion. The jolly mary's petrol fuel supply had been caught by a firebomb, blowing it sky high - and depriving the communists of an organised means of escape.

79 made it out of the city, being furiously pursued by the royalists...

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To: President Wasserhovel, Tamurin
From: The Imperial Palace Ide Jima

We see that this event has caused outcry. It is a tradition though, in Ide Jima - that the poor do not come within one mile of the emperor's palace. We made an exception with these workers. They threw it in our face and they kept on moving. Despite repeated warning they would not stop. They were responsible for their actions. We must apologise for any upset this may have caused in Tamurin.

We will try to keep things political with the communists but there is very little indication that they will keep things political with us. You are most wise in suggesting that we do things diplomatically, however this 'communism' seems to thrive on violence. We are receiving ruomours that a massive shootout has just taken place in Morutau - against troops despatched to keep the peace. As you suggest though, we will try to solve this one round a table,

Emperor Mitsuhiran III

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FROM: President Wasserhovel, Tamurin
TO: The Imperial Palace Ide Jima

I am glad to hear your openness in this matter.

If there is anything we can do, let us know. We could act as a neutral partner to your government and the communists. We could send police specialists from Tamurin who are trained in breaking up civil unrests. We have had problems with neo-imperial groups after the civil war in north-east Tamurin and we have become quite good at dealing with such "events".

We hope that stability will return into your country.


President Wasserhovel

(OOC: Specialists might be the "first wave" of tamurinian "aides"...)

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(OOC: :) Ok, that would be good - and it would fit in with 'no war november')

To: President Wasserhovel, Tamurin
From: The Imperial Palace, Ide Jima

We really do appreciate your offer of aid, and we would gladly accept whatever help we can get. The emperor's nephew has just died in a firefight in central Morutau, so your specialists may need to have some heavy equipment. Thank you for your Help,

The office of Emperor Mitsuhiran III,

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FROM: President Wasserhovel, Tamurin
TO: The Imperial Palace, Ide Jima

We will gladly send you 400 police specialists with civil unrest- and standard police-equipment. They will arrive in a couple of days with three civil aircrafts in your country. They will support your police forces in dealing with the demonstrating workers without bloodshed.

I hope that this will calm down the situation in your country and that this cooperation between our two nations shall be the first of many.


Ulf Wasserhovel

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Open Letter To: The people of Ide Jima
From: The people Niederoestereich
RE: Incident

Comrades of Ide Jima!,

Long have you been downtrodden by the corrupt influences of your so-called "Monarch". Long have you, the working class, suffered under oppression from the royal capitalist overlords whom rob your deserving share to increase the size of their estates. But now, now is your time to rise up and take what is rightfully yours. You made your way to the emperor to discuss problems of low wages and trade union banning, but what did you receive in return. Volleys of lead, death and blood-soaked streets, a designed measure to keep this pig of an emperor on the seat of power

This massacre comrades, is the finally straw! You have nothing to loose but the chains of oppression. You have everything to gain, an equal share in wealth, social equality and common ownership over the means of production.

Sweep away the conditions for the existence of class antagonism and of the social class. Sweep away the corruption of the past and make way for the future under a common banner in which all men will be free and equal, the banner of socialism!. We disdain to conceal our common views and aims. We shall openly declare that the ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling class tremble at the power of the people, know that Niederoestereich stands by you, comrades of Ide Jima, and will come to your aid over the corruption of yester-year


Peace through Power!

The People of Niederoestereich

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The City Airfield
Just outside Serekan,

The airfield was little more than a concrete patch surrounded by a few warehouses. On one side of the field was an obsolete indigenous Ide Jiman aircraft, whilst on the other were two new JU-52 transports - already looking in a state of disrepair.

The 'control tower', which looked more like a tower from the corner of a prison camp with a radio attached to it was busy. Three aircraft from Tamurin were approaching, carrying the police specialists that the emperor so badly needed...

The Imperial Palace

"Your excellency, Police just arrested a man handing out these in the town..."

"What!?... Did you question him?..."

"Oh yes, your highness - he broke quickly under questioning, the pamphlet in question was in fact from Niederoestereich - he couldn't stand too much interrogation, stupid peasant scum..."

"Where is he now?"

"He is awaiting execution Your highness"

"Make it slow..."

"With pleasure excellency,"

"Very well, and what to make of this?" Snapped the Emperor, waving the crumpled sheet of paper...

"We should fight fire with fire, if Niederoestereich attacks our Monarchy with these hollow threats, we should retaliate"

"We cannot attack them!"

"No, allow me to send out the Kyunsen (Secret Police troops) round to the Niederoesteriecher embassy - that ought to do the trick..."


In Morutau, at roughly the same time...

"Comrade, we have international support!"

"Amazing, this is what the Ide Jiman people have been waiting for!... We must strike whilst the iron is hot!... Organise attacks and rallies immediately, we must storm into the international scene!"

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The tamurinian police officers started with training and teaching as soon as possible. New techniques like rubber bullets, water throwers and non-lethal gas ("coughing gas") and the correct use of it were introduced. The police officers had samples with them and demonstrated the use of those weapons against rioting people.


"It is our hope that we will help you to break up those riots. But only a political process can end these protests permanently." said Captain Neydal, the leader of the group.

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Niederoestereichian Embassy, Ide Jima


Knock Knock


"Sorry to wake you ambassador, but some vehicles have just arrived outside the embassy compound"


"Ugh??What??.at this hour?"


The Niederoestereichian ambassador, Albert Huntington, dragged himself out of bed and made his way to the window in his sleeping chamber, peering through the drawn curtains, he could make out the shape of automobiles on the perimeter, ?what could this be about he thought to himself?


?Leave me to get dressed Alexi, send out someone to find out who they are and what they want at this hour?


?I shall do it myself ambassador?

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To: Deltannia

From: The Ide Jiman Imperial Palace


Your help would be most appreciated, these riots are stretching Ide Jiman manpower to it's limits - and things are difficult despite Tamurinian help.





The 5 Black sedan cars drew up outside the embassy. The group leader stepped out of the car, whilst other Kyunsen troops waited behind, with loaded machineguns. The leader walked past the sentries and through the front gate, holding two Mannlicher Model 1903 pistols.


Once he met the Niederoestereich ambassador he sat down. "You have been most ungracious, sir"... "Your nation insulted our monarch"... "Normally, that would be punishable by death, but in your case we will make an exception - in the interest of foreign relations..."



..."And in the interest of the lives of everyone in this embassy, we suggest you don't send any more incitement of rebellion to the people of our nation... they are very difficult to calm down once they are worked up you see..."




Lieutenant Kemiji was impressed by the Tamurinian methods. Having seen the anti riot police in action, he was amazed at the efficiency...


"Gets the job done almost as well as live ammunition", he joked with the Tamurinian police officer - who didn't share in Kemiji's amusement.


On a more serious note, he replied to the Tamurinian officer -"Certainly, Political methods are the best in this case - but of course all this is depencant on whether the communists want to do things that way"...

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"So, Ide Jima wishes to accept our help. They seem to be in quite a desperate situation."


"Yes, but we cannot afford much of our manpower to their cause. For now, I suggest we send Colonel Ampers into battle."


"Why would he be prime choice, Senator?"


"He has but two regiments, and will not drain resources. He has much skill, if he fails, he will be replaced, if he succeeds, he gains even more strength."


"Two regiments is a lot for Deltannia to afford."


"Yes it is. We'll contact our ambassador and determine the situation."




The Ambassador to Ide Jima sat in a small cafe close to the small Deltannian Embassy in Ide Jima. It was pathetically small, an insult for Deltannia even if they were such a minimal factor in Europa politics. He sipped at his tea and read the newspaper of the current attacks by the Communist insurgents.


Several black sedans rolled down the street from the east, towards the cafe. The Ambassador looked out the window, and a squad of police came out from the building in the west. As they passed the cafe, a barrage of fire came from both parties. Two of the cars rolled over as the others kept going, bullet-filled. Many of the police were shot down, the rest firing at the speeding away cars.


And the glass to the cafe was shattered. A bullet from one of the guns of one of the officers struck glass, while two others hit a fellow customer and the Ambassador to Ide Jima.




"Senator, we have been unable to get in touch with the Ambassador."


"Should he not be at the Embassy?"


"The Embassy reports that he left for...."


A messenger rushed in, panting, and handed a decoded telegram to the now silent councilman.


"The Ambassador has been shot."


The Senator stood up. "How?"


"Crossfire. The police fired bullets into the cafe he was in."


The Senator fumed. The Ambassador had been a good friend of his. And now he was another casualty of this uprising.


"Should we send a telegram to Ide Jima?"


"No. Wait, yes. Those two regiments will arrive in Ide Jima. Then they will manage to get lost..."




FROM: Deltannia

TO: Ide Jima


We will be sending two regiments under our Colonel Ampers. They are already en route via troop carriers.



OOC: I hope this is okay, Ide Jima, but I wanted some reason to get Deltannia upset.

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"Your highness I, I have reviewed the Ide Jima situation, and it seems to be going bad for the Ide Jimans, maybe it's time we stepped up to the world stage."


"Aye, I thing you right, I will send a telegram informing Ide Jima of our support, prepare the Household Cavalry, it will be a test for the new A10 things that these mechanics have devised, oh and prepare the Blue Jackets from Imperia".


"Yes your highness I shall do".


The man scurried off to get to message to the generals.





To: Ide Jima

From: Kingdom of Adaptus


We have been assessing your situation for some time now, and we wish to help you and your Royalist forces. Being and Emperor myself I know the hardships of the people, and what this new thing called Communism brings on. So as our first act on the international scale we shall support you in your fight.


Although we are small, we are sending our most elite Regiment, supported with another Regiment. The first Regiment will reach your coast with in a few days, if that is ok with you. they will be the Household Cavalry, armed with these new things that are being called tanks, mostly Mark IVs I think, but our mechanics at Vickers Factories have devised some, well I call it which craft, but it's some new tank, which they call the A10, it basically looks like a large bed with a gun on top. Anyway they don?t have many of these, and some elements still use horses, and the Blue Jackets will be our infantry support in the area. Well we hope this helps you.


Emperor Trestianus VII

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???Very well sir, I shall pass your concerns onto higher authorities within Niederoestereich. And on a personal note, whatever this situation generates, the monarchy has only to blame themselves, Alexi, please show this man the door?


To: The Monarchy of Ide Jima

From: Niederoestereich


We do not seek to disrupt the balance of power in Ide Jima, but we do believe that the power and will of the people must be put before that of your monarchy. If another incident occurs like that before the palace gates, then rebellion may be the better alternative. You threaten the lives of our countrymen within our embassy; we must warn you that any action taken on our embassy and staff will result in a rapid breakdown of relations between our nations. The monarchy has allot to answer for to the Ide Jima people, I suggest you please your citizens.


Niederoesterechian Government


To: Ide Jima Communist, Moratau

From: Niederoestereich


Comrades, the time is near to strike at the heart of the system of old. A Cargo ship under flag from a neutral state will arrive in Ide Jima in a few days, stashed away in one of the lower cargo holds is a cache of armed supplies and medical kits. Such as a newly developed prototype machine carbine 9mm, the Owen SMG and .303 rifles, plus ammunition. We hope these will aid in your struggle for equality for the momment


Peace through power


To: Niederoestereichian Embassy, Ide Jima

From: Niederoestereich


The situation in Ide Jima look like its about to take a turn for the worse, start burning documents in the basement boilers, and prepare to abandon embassy at a moments notice, with threats made on your lives, we can assume what is ahead. Step up security measures with armed guards


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To: The Monarchy of Ide Jima

From: The Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Subject: The Hijack of the Jolly Mary


We have been most disturbed by the recent reports of a Communistic uprising with in your nation, especially as your most grand nation lies to the south of our colony of Sevrun. We would be very unhappy if this spread to the shores of our territory.


But what has really upset us has been the Communistic hijacking of the Tagmatine merchant ship, the Jolly Mary, as well as the murder of her crew at the hands of the rebels who are now plaguing your nation. We realise that they do provide a threat to our interests as well as yours, and in light of this we would be happy to send aid to help you fight against the traitors in your midst.


Although, as you can understand, we are sure, that we do need some form of reparation before we can commit to such a venture, as the loss of the Jolly Mary's cargo has upset the people of our nation. Once we have agreed on this, we will be only too willing to help the people of Ide Jima against the insidious Communist threat.


Justin Psellus,


Secretary to His Imperial Majesty


Leonitus Williams,


Holy Emperor of Tagmatium

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The royal palace, Serekan...


The emperor was having a bad day... reports were coming in that Morutau had been taken completely by the communists. The one good recent happening was the pledge of troops from Adaptus and Tagmatium - but the communists had shot many landowners who pledged troops to the royalist cause, and the Deltannian ambassador had been killed. Furthermore the secret police hadn't done things by the book during their visit to the Niederoestereich embassy. Telegrams were desperately being sent out to get things together...




To: The Ide Jiman 'Soviet' Morutau

From: The Ide Jiman Imperial Palace


Would you be willing to enter round table talks with the Monarchy? We can see you mean business, and we do not want to cause further uneccessary loss of life.





To: Niederoestereich

From: The Ide Jiman Imperial Palace


We will can only ensure the safety of your embassy so long as you stop polluting the minds of the Ide Jiman people. We do not take kindly to foreign incitement of revolution.





To: Deltannia

From: Ide Jima


Thank you for your support. Morutau is unsafe, so the fortress harbour of Weihan is preparing for your arrival.





To: Adaptus

From: Ide Jima


Your troops will be welcome, Weihan is open for your ships - and we will be interested to see your tanks in action, although we are trying to keep things diplomatic to begin with.





To: Tagmatium

From: Ide Jima


We will compensate the loss of your cargo, you are welcome to attack Morutau at your will, it has been taken by the communists - and we are unable to levy more troops from our landowners. We are considering starting a professional army, but for now that is impossible.

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To: Ide Jima

From: Tagmatium

Subject: Involvement


We thank you for your compensation. We have ourselves had recent problems with individuals led astray by the teaching of Marx, with an attack on His Majesty's life being prevented by a last-minute leaking of the plot on the Holy Emperor's life.


As such, due to the closeness of your problem to our lands, we are preparing to send a small detachment soldiers to aid your flagging armies. Perhaps if we were to send forces to help train your professional army when you raise one.


The detachment of People's Guard (not to be confused with any Communist organisation; they have a long and esteemed history as the Holy Empire's regular soldiery) will be of brigade strength, and led by one of our up-and-coming generals. They will set sail in several days' time, to arrive in Ide Jima by the end of the week.


Justin Psellus,


Secretary to His Imperial Majesty


Leonitus Williams,


Holy Emperor of Tagmatium

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To: Tagmatium

From: Ide Jima


Your support is welcome. Once we have gathered an army, we would be grateful for help in training it. Weihan is being readied for the arrival of your troops, they may expect a enthusiastic welcome!






The Morutau Soviet...



"It might be a trick!..." Argued Marshal Ryuzen, on seeing the message from Niederoestereich.


"What have we to lose?" Chang came back at him - "We may as well send a small party to check the hold"


"Three people...No more" Snapped Ryuzen, we cannot lose too many...




Later that night...


The three communists ran down the harbourside to where the ship was moored, with a neutral flag fluttering overhead. It was a large boat, so it would be easy to hide weapons on board.


user posted image


The three communists drew Mauser M1912 pistols and clambered into the cargo hold - when they reached it, they were taken aback... one swore, another laughed whilst the third started trying out the guns... "Get on the radio... get more of us down here, this is a miracle"...





To: Niederoestereich

From: The Morutau Soviet


You have helped the Ide Jiman people in their struggle against oppression. Soon, we will be ready to attack our enemies in full scale conflict, thanks to our new found allies.






To: The Imperial Palace

From: The Ide Jiman People's Republic of Morutau


Why should we trust you? You rape our women, steal our food and kill our children. Now the time has come for revolution, when we will return all your wrongdoings!



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To: Ide Jima

From: Adaptus


we thank you for alowing our support. the first Regiment should be there within 4-5 days, the second within 8-10 days. the first Regiment to reach you will be the Royal House Hold Guards, armed with these new metal beasts. The second Regiment will be the Royal Blue Jackets. an Infantry Regiment which has a deap history in our armed forces.


we thank you again.


Field Marshal Dermant - leader of the Adapton Expaditionary Force.

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