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Blossom of the Netherworld

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It is said that the blossom of the netherworld is fiery red, stained with blood and revenge from the world of the living. Only the dead know such things, and the dead give their counsel to no man, but the three from beyond the sea bore flowers of flaming red on banners black as coal, and as night sweeps across the earth so did the shade of their legions fall over these lands.


Clad in clothes of flame, and with hair of darkest shadow, the warriors of the red flower claimed these shores for their masters, and in time erected great forests of towers in the heart of the old cities, monolithic structures rising high against the night sky. As these monumental metropoli took shape, the three settled in the city they called Hanagi, which in their tongue means the castle of flowers, where they ordered the construction of a great wooden tower. And it was from this tower that the eldest, flanked on either side by his sisters, proclaimed his rule over all Akabania, the land of the red flower...

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