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Non-Aligned Movement Free Trade Agreement

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The Non-Aligned Movement nation of the Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty is proposing a Free Trade Agreement.


This Free Trade Agreement will encompase all nations within the Non-Aligned Movement who apply and who have membership, assuming that all 4 nations agree to this free trade agreement.


1.) All goods, services, resources, materials and commercial products shall be traded between nations, free of taxes, tarrifs and revenue.


2.) Violations and disputes of these tax-free goods (assuming a nation has imposed taxes on goods that are not Heritage Items) shall result in a mediation by a Mediation Board, composed of 2 officials representing each member nation. Under this case, there are 4 nations, thus 8 members. Each member has one vote. This Dispute Panel shall mediate the disputes.


3.) Each nation shall be able to protect 5 types of goods, services, resources, materials or commercial products, rendered as "Heritage Goods" that shall not be subject to tax-free status. Often these goods are in truth, heritage goods, or other such trade property that must rely on tarrifs to be protected.


4.) Nations who join the Non-Aligned Movement, are not immediatelty subject to this Agreement. They may voluntarily sign onto this Free Trade Agreement, if they so wish. By no means is this Free Trade Agreement mandatory for nations that join the Non-Aligned Movement.


Any suggestions or modifications, please do post.

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