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Natural Disasters?

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Huge hurricanes!




A massive power failure!








UFO attacks from Simcity!


Just a few ideas that could be significantly RPed without the need for war. It will probably involve the militaries of nations of course to maintain order, and no doubt political issues can be brought up with the excuse of aide and intervention.


I'm thinking of an idea, whereas a massive hurricane, hits one portion of Europa, causing significant damage, economic and civilian casualties, that pretty much causes huge tragedies that echo throughout the region. If such a hurricane would hit, it would be so large, as it would hit not just a single nation but many others as well, causing the scale of the damage to be far larger than any little tropical storm.

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I like Ide Jima's idea, climate change. If we do something like that, we could have various natural disasters hit various places. So it wouldn't be localized. That way, hurricanes could hit along the coastal areas, inland can get earthquakes (or flooding, or something else), poles could get freezing cold. Doesn't have to be just this, but then we don't have to say that the devastated area is only Country A.


No asteroid. That would cripple humanity by quite a bit. (Larry Niven's Lucifer's Hammer was an amzing book).

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