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The 1932 - 1956 civil war

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Would anyone be interested in an RP about the rise of communism in Ide Jima? Although I'm not planning for it to start just yet, I was just checking to see if anybody was interested.



Basically, there are two sides - the royalists and the communists. Communist uprising begins in 1932, after the people start to get fed up with oppression from the last emperor. At first, the communists use frontal warfare tactics and are badly mauled, but as the war progresses, they switch to guerilla tactics, and end up destroying the monarchy and putting a communist dictator in power. If people are interested, I'll post more details... in effect, I want to hold a quality historical RP, no n00kfests or anything like that













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Yeah, I would be up for that. Deltannia would be a very small nation then, very little power, so they wouldn't be able to host a large nukes or anything like that. Actually, they'd be like world war I era probably. Maybe coming into WWII.


I'd be up for it, definitely.

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Okey dokey, basically - there are two sides:




The Communists


- Have organised fighting units, but are outgunned and outnumbered by the royalists.

-They have very little foreign backing.

-They are under the command of 5 marshalls.

-Main areas of control are in central and northern Ide Jima


The Royalists

-Have a very well equipped and large army, but it is very poorly organised - a feudal system of organisation is used, where Shoguns contribute troops to the army.

-There is a small royalist air force, but it plays only a very small role in the war.

-Have control in southern and eastern Ide Jima.

-Has substantial foreign backing.




Ide Jima in the 1930's


Population: 85% Peasant Farmers, 10% Industrial Labourers, 3% Middle Classes, 2% Upper class.


The situation starts to get violent, after Royalist troops open fire on a demonstration in Serekan. In the outcry following this event, more massacres start to take place across the country. Following an event in Weihan, a communist leader named Marshal Ryuzen declares an 'independent Idekuedo people's republic'.


The royals attack this, and war breaks out.


Up until 1952, the royalists enjoy great success - but following a change in tactics by the communists, the old military organsiation starts to suffer. By the time the royals have managed to organise their military along modern lines, the communists have almost accomplished their goal.

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Equipment at the outbreak of the war:



-Enfield Bolt Action Rifles/ Martini Action Rifles.

-Vickers/ Schwarzlose Machine Guns.

-Various Aircraft - Mostly old British WW1 types.

-A small navy - not of any great importance to the outcome of the war.



-Mauser Rifles/ Cei-Rigotti/Mannlicher-Carcano Carbines

-Bergmann MP.18.1 SMGs.

-No airforce to begin with - from 1940 onwards, German types start to see action.

-A very small navy - not of any great importance.

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@Niederoestereich: Thanks, I've added you to the list.


@TCN: I'm not sure, I'll think of something.


I'm writing the opening post right now, it should be up tomorrow morning sometime. I start with the government shooting at some demonstrators.

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ooh i never saw this, i'd like to help if there is still some spaces. it will be when the Emperor Desimus Artaratus was incharge, and it would be about 50 years since the 5 provinces became the Federation, but it would be back in the day before the Federation, still it would be the Kingdom of Adaptus. and if there is any spaces we will support the loyalists.

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Hey, may I join? Tagmatium has Sevrun as a colony at this point, from 1920 to 1960-odd, so it would be a nice piece of history (it's in the Sevrun Rebellion thread). Tagmatium wouldn't want a Communist country appearing near it, or would be very happy that they attacked a Sevrun-owned vessel and hijacked it. It would have probably been owned by a Tagmatine or Sevrun merchant, someone in contact with the governor of Sevrun, so which would make it an excuse to at least attempt to halt the spread of Communism.

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