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congratulations to PIRILAO - post 2000

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ohmy.gif Wow, well done old chap smile.gif That has to be one of the highest post counts in this forum!

Name Posts


orioni 3,262

Koku 3,084

Phil IV 2,258

Pirilao 2,005

Senator Gaius 1,920

Tagmatium Rules 1,821

Haken 1,468

Europa 1,431

Meteorola 1,405

Vanarambaion 1,366

Tamurin 1,270

Akiiryu 1,248

Kant 1,172

Ide Jima 1,090

Stoned Smurfs 969

The Chosen Nations 879

Paranoid schizo 776

Byzantium Nova 754

Nevareion 738

Karpathos 624


Correct as of 20:55 GMT 3/Nov/2005

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