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Royal Star Enterprises

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Royal Star Enterprises is the Arch-Imperium's conglomerate for entertainment and transportation. Music industries, movie industries, luxury cruises and airlines are also handled by this conglomerate. In addition luxury resorts and theme parks also, are handled by Royal Star Enterprises.


Royal Star Enterprises is seeking to post divisions internationally to acquire more assets and customer services on the international market in following divisions.


Royal Star Airlines is prepared to open new ports in airports all over Europa as well as sell aircraft.


Royal Star Lines is a Cruise line service, that operates trans-oceanic and cruise liners that are open for sale. Royal Star Lines is interested in opening new ports in coastal cities.

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TO : Xheng ( Royal Star Enterprises )



The government of the PIRILAO, would have much pleasure in establishing an agreement with Royal Star Enterprises , in the direction to facilitate logistic in the airports and the ports between the 2 nations.

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To: Royal Star Enterprises.

From: The Ide Jiman ministry of tourism.


Following the recent fall of communism in Ide Jima, we are looking to open up the remote inner heartland of Ide Jima to international tourism. Some villages in the central ranges have some of the most beautiful scenery in Europa, but no foreigners have ever set foot in them.


We would like to propose the establishment of Royal Star bases in each of the following airports -


- Serekan

- Xian

- Xuyen

- Altay

- Harbin

- Taishan

- Darhan

- Cteisephon (The opening of this branch would have to be delayed, due to ethnic conflict in Cteisephon at the present period.)



if successful, this could bring great wealth to both Ide Jima and Royal star.

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TO : Xheng ( Royal Star Enterprises )




We will allow Royal Star Airlines in this airports:


-Airp. Alentejo ( capital )

-Airp. Landeira ( island )

-Airp. St. Rafael ( in the centre of the nacion )



We will allow Royal Star Lines in this ports:


-Port. Algarve

-Port. Fatima

-Port. St. Rafael

-Port. Landeira


If it will have agreement, this could be important and to bring prosperity enters

PIRILAO and Xheng ( Royal Star Enterprises )

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