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The Protectorate of ShahRayhan embracing Europa

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I MuStaf, Lord Protector of the sovereign state of ShahRayhan, hereby declare that this proud nation has now extended its peace and friendship to the member states of Europa.

We share the inspirations and ideals to make us prosper and stronger, and so less we are complacent, let us not pass this opportunity for the better of our nation. Said Oliver Cromwell "He who stops being better, stops being good".

State of ShahRayhan is committed to protect and uphold the Sovereignity of Europa and likewise we trust, that Europa would come to our aid when call upon to.


We hope this new beginning between ShahRayhan and Europa will flourish for as long as it can possibly be, and may God bless us all.


"fortis atque procinctu"




Lord Protector of ShahRayhan





biggrin.gif new to nationstate. after a long .... and i mean long consideration(and browsing of different region)...chose to move my new small nation to Europa. any tips, guidance, to 'play' the game is very much appreciated.

cool forum from 1st look. will be looking to contribute in whatever way i can


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